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  1. I consider Paula to be a good performer, you can see her fluidity is lacking nowadays but it's all good, at least you see the efforts and the discipline she puts to be her best. Janet used to be one, but for years now all she does is turn around a chair and sit on it to breathe. Mariah is THE laziest, uninvolved cow of them all and the only choreography she knows is to be transported by her exhausted dancers on a velvet couch. The gunt is a mess only presenting multiple ceasures she calls dance moves. Beyonce tosses her hair, that's it, Pink give her a trapeze and she'll be fine. Now Madonna! from DAY ONE! is the most vigourous, perfectionnist, implicated performing artist in history!! dances like no one, creative like no one, puts on a show like no one!! the undisputed queen of her queendom that is the stage. She will KILL it Wednesday! like she always does!
  2. Yeah you're right actually! Fairly possible she is already there then
  3. My take is that the current rehearsals are being held in London and she will most likely fly to Vegas early next week.
  4. How can this bland glass of soya milk that is that Swift thing can generate so much interest!? She has the charisma of a fucking frozen fish stick!! I don't get the fascination with her at all!!, back to streaming Meddelin!!
  5. Oh I agree 100% that would be nothing short of fantastic if that were the case!
  6. We're 3 weeks away!! we should hear about something #shortly ( noticed how I avoided the infamous #soon there)
  7. 2 hours away and we're at 3.68! ,this thing is in the bag to easily beat BIM's first 24 hours video Stream!
  8. I was about to ask the same thing, can we listen to it somewhere on the web?
  9. Where to start?...catching my breathe here...what a breathetaking video!!!! Madonna looking every bit of the goddess she is!! sublime cinematography, This takes the song to a whole new level!! EPIC on all counts!!!!!!!!
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