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  1. Was expecting some remixes dropping today, sigh!
  2. Apparently (better yet, most likely) from digital stores internals who receive info and press kit ahead of release.
  3. Thanks! Are you able to confirm which song she filmed the video with the drag queens for? I Rise or Killers?
  4. Some of you seem to forget that Medellín is coproduced by Edgar Barrera (Maluma’s frequent collaborator). I don't know why the credits on streaming services only mention Madonna and Mirwais as producers when Barrera actually coproduced and engineered the whole track.
  5. Faz Gostoso, in this case, equals It’s Cool in English.
  6. It was not Popline to originally break the news about Faz Gostoso, it was a local magazine called BLITZ who spilled the tea about a licensing request M’s team submitted to Warner Portugal and RedMojo last year. They said it was for a Blaya song, without revealing the title, but since the infamous white board had appeared on Instagram just a few days earlier, we were able to easily guess the track was Faz Gostoso. Then, in December, Anitta and Mambo met in the studio and the song supposedly turned into a duet.
  7. This is the original Israeli source confirming the performance: https://www.israelhayom.co.il/article/645247
  8. Still laughing while I read it this supposed exclusive info! Man, the first one to mention Faz Gostoso is the track featuring Anitta was her unofficial biographer and Brazilian journalist Leo Dias, and that was back in November, after the blackboard accident on Instagram! News about M licensing a sample from Blaya’s Faz Gostoso dates back to December, and the original source is a quite reliable Portuguese music magazine called BLITZ!
  9. Mirwais didn't ever mix Madonna's tracks he produced in the past, Mark 'Spike' Stent did it all.
  10. Demo and Mike Dean are the ones to blame, in that case. They’re both credited as mixers on the track and Demo is also a vocal engineer on it along with Nick Rowe.
  11. And that's what the feud started from. They interacted at Met Gala by the way. It's the first time they've been seen talking each other in public.
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