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  1. 13 minutes ago, ursula said:

    We first met the cha cha instructor, and, more recently, spent a slightly controversial night with the saint

    While we have many more to encounter along this era, which persona is your favourite so far (either from the manifesto or any visuals)?



    Technically, I don't know which is that one, but she has my vote


    She has a shitload of energy, does her thing, and she doesn't give a damn about rest. 

    I'm rooting for you, you crazy accordionist! 😘

    I'm obsessed with the accordion player, my favourite definetely

    I love the look and wish she was the main character in an upcoming video

  2. if the eye-patch is what's keeping her from doing a little more dancing, then I hope she'll get rid of it soon... (probably not the case)

    She literally just walked up and down the stage and the stairs


    other than that it's a very cool performance, the message is strong, the staging is beautiful and it has a lot of replay value

  3. 2 minutes ago, pjcowley said:

    Cavoli! E' ancora attivo Red Ronnie!! questo clip deve essere tradotto in English, everyone should know the HUGE support he is showing and very  eloquently! BRAVO RED RONNIE! The only one who openly publicly understood what the fuck her peformance was all about and his commenting on the theatrical symbolism as well - pero' nell'altro thread su Eurovision, non qua che e' fuori luogo.

    sorry non mi ero accorto che c'era un altro thread aperto per l'Eurovision ^^

  4. 4 hours ago, Kurt420 said:

    I too would love to hear a reggaeton mix of Medellin. I have to say though, it's very funny that a big concern of many before we heard Medellin was that it would sound like the "same old", generic reggaeton style Maluma always does......and it didn't sound like that at all!! Now, here we are begging for *drum roll* a reggaeton mix in the more "traditional" Maluma style. :lol:

    Gotta love M fans!!

    I think there's a difference though

    I'm so glad that the album version is the way it is and I wouldn't change a thing, including the slower parts, the unusual structure etc.. it's just perfect as it is

    With remixes though, I think they can push the reggaeton vibe further and make it more radio-friendly and catchy, it maybe sound more generic but certainly a lot of fun and they wouldn't compromise the artistic value of the original

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