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  1. I guess this is not big news or anything, but I just talked to someone from that team of people who claim they "know"
    they won't share any other info other than the fact that the album title is not Magic...

    I've asked them if they could at least give us an indication of how long we will need to wait before the big "surprise" (if it's months my poor little gay heart is not going to make it) and once again they said it's a matter of days, and that, whatever this surprise is, it's coming this month

    just thought I'd share

  2. 1 minute ago, jonski43 said:

    To put the wait into perspective, it's eleven years since grace Jones' last album and about three years since she said new music was due. It's 37 years since ABBA's last album and their two new songs will arrive a year later than planned.


    she could still be dropping random Xs on Instagram for the next 15 years for all we know

  3. 1 minute ago, Myotis said:

    I have no idea on how it works with the tarots reading. Anyway there are 78 cards of which 22 are the major arcana (the most significant ones, that is the wheel of fortune, the lovers, the magician, the charriot...). Speaking of the charriot, I think there is a reference to it in her Superbowl Halftime (see the sphinxes on the sides of the throne). Let's add the Versace photoshoot and the Re-invention Hollywood backdrop already cited, it's evident that M is fascinated by the tarots. And I am too. It's not about believing in cartomancy (I don't, of course), it's about the symbolism and the iconography and that esoteric and mystical touch. Very cool.

    and speaking of esoteric,


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