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  1. 4 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    They were during the recording with the green screen. I think they'll be in a projection.

    True!..it seems that they can also be on stage.


    in the instagram story of Madonna you can see one of the tenis  on stage dressed in white

  2. I love Future!  for now my favorite ..

    Soltera better than Future?  please .. do not make me laugh ..

    I was really a little scared because Bitch i 'Madonna like it but it was never my favorite song...Future for me is much better .. a different sound .. I like it.

  3. I am very happy that you have decided to act in Eurovision,

    We must be proud that he continues to give us music and performances like this one.

    as is logical, everyone has their preferences,I think that Like a Prayer is definitely a classic.

    and it's true. It seems we're never satisfied, no fan base is as tough on his idol as Madonna fans.we do not deserve her.

    enjoy it!  of her music .. one day she will retire and it will be when we realize everything she has given us.when we will miss her.

    thanks for everything Madonna!..for continuing to give everything,despite the stones that you found on the way (since  started yout career).

    Thanks for ignoring your fans and making your own decisions.


  4. 5 hours ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

    Looks like she’s recreating the Met Gala performance.

    that seems, we will have the same performance.

    I do not really care, I liked that performance, and people who are not fans have not seen it.

    it seems that Dark ballet will be the same ... there have not been big changes.

    Come on ... we already know what we're going to see.

    except for Future..that we will see how it sounds.

    it seems that no song is very danceable ... and it's a bit strange that it does not make any song of that type in a festival like Eurovision.

    Classics like Vogue, Music, Hung up etc

    I honestly have plenty of ft of all the songs.Maluma,swa, Quavo, Anitta,Justin, Nkki ...

    at least like a like a prayer and Dark Ballet will sing it alone 

  5. it seems impossible to me that Madonna is tremendously perfectionist She still thinking if she's going to go ... if she's going to sing. What songs are she going to sing..

    the truth I do not know if he will act or not.

    It's all a little strange, no confirmation, has he been secretly rehearsing?  ..


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