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  1. I want body shop video with sampiotwins♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  2. Gaga ain't a pretty girl so it's not about her she got crusty crow face
  3. Madonna queen of music she is awesomeness 57 years of life !!!!!!!!!!!!! MADONNA IS ETERNAL
  4. 1.Reinvention 2 . confessions 3.who that girl 4.mdna
  5. Taylor Swift million likes are from 6 to 10 year girls roflmao
  6. I fell in love with madonna with everybody then went deeper with burning up and borderline♡
  7. Madonna has awesomeness songwriting skills deep emotional depth live to tell oh father I remember help me through my moms death take a bow like a prayer secret vogue ray of light frozen countless more that article was written by gaga ghostwriter.
  8. Touch my body is a decent song so I think she liked remix of that song
  9. Was she still buzzed from drink night before with justin js she said loved Taylor Swift music at grammys couldn't name a song lmao
  10. 1.Vogue 2 . erotica thrill me confessions tour. 3 . borderline 4.lucky star 5 . cherish 6 . ghosttown 7. beautiful scars 8.addicted one that got away 9.iconic 10.hung up 11.rescue me 12.true blue 13.who that girl 14.causing a communion 15.i remember 16. this used be my playground 17.oh father 18.express yourself 19.4 mins 20.dont tell me 21.secret 22.deeper and deeper 23.wash all over me 24.take a bow 25.give it to me
  11. Best tour ever perfection music look performances videos
  12. I love American pie great cover madonna was pregnant with Rocco she looked beautiful!
  13. Hope lola is having fun with boyfriend
  14. Lourdes spotted in Greece wtf are you talking about?
  15. 2008 till now I love 4mins give it to me ddry GGW gang bang living for love ghosttown dannyboy flush in a pile of shit asshole
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