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  1. Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Inside Out Holy Water HeartBreakCity
  2. Opening theme (inc excerpts of Bedtime Story, Illuminati, Secret, Isaac) Bedtime Story Illuminati (with Vogue rap) Material Girl/Beast Within Inside Out Heart Break City The Power of Goodbye Drowned World (video interlude) Ghosttown Unapologetic Bitch Candy Perfume Girl American Life (acoustic) Devil Pray S.E.X (video interlude) Justify My Love Holy Water Bodyshop/Candyshop What it Feels Like for a Girl Secret Veni Vidi Vici (video interlude) Living for Love Music Give it 2 Me Vogue
  3. Living for love Devil pray Ghosttown Unapologetic bitch Illuminati Hold tight Joan of arc VVV HeartBreakCity Bodyshop Holy water Inside out Messiah Rebel heart Singles: living for love, inside out, Ghosttown
  4. Can't believe this didn't make the album! It shoulda replaced BIM or Iconic.
  5. In no particular order.... Justify My Love Secret Don't Tell Me Music Nothing Fails Future Lovers Mer Girl Give it 2 Me Erotica Falling Free Bedtime Story Sanctuary Vogue Like a Prayer Deeper & Deeper Love Profusion Isaac What it Feels Like For a Girl Paradise (not for me) I Deserve It Hung Up Drowned World Ray of Light 4 Minutes Love Spent
  6. Easy... 1 American Pie 2 Superstar 3 Runaway Lover 4 Dance 2Nite (or whatever it's called) 5 Hey You 6 Celebration 7 She's Not Me 8 I Fucked Up 9 The Beat Goes On 10 Turn Up The Radio
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