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  1. 21 minutes ago, danorbit said:

    Actually he says that the song sounds like a 2019 version of La isla Bonita and it reminds of DAD and AL regarding their 'deconstructed'/different production (A very Mirwais thing). And he also says that in the song (or in the video, it wasn't clear) she will be in Medellín and something's gonna happen there (?)

    thats sounds orgasmic- La Isla Bonita and DAD 2019?  

  2. 9 minutes ago, Suedey said:

    I love the font!! 

    I wonder if MADAME X font will be the same as the MADONNA + MALUMA font 


    Please I need consistency in artwork like COADF for collection


    I am choking because I can't breathe 


    this is on whole different level of graphic design.  the COADF design doesnt match up.  Who is the new team?  I don't think its Giovanni or he would be posting that shit- cuz he designed it.

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