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  1. 3 minutes ago, rebelheart said:

    Giovanni Bianco has arrived in London & Mert Alas has left Ibiza, take that what you will...

    mert lives in london, and Giovanni is there for London Fashion Week, plus Ricardo T is showing his Burberry collection this coming week,  Im sure they all will be there to support

  2. 2 minutes ago, Danny Bubbles said:

    Vogue does not give a timeline unless its been told directly by her or by her press people which would have come from her via her management. She also wore the Beautiful Game hat and posted fan art about it. Putting out stuff like that builds up excitement as she knows. I doubt that anyone from her team will see this but they really should know they are dissipating the excitement and building frustration. My friend who is a casual fan was excited about the African beats/Portugese influence but weve been talking about it so long it doesnt feel fresh or new anymore. Madonna is a genius but she and her team get these campaigns wrong year after year now.

    something must of happen along the way -  im fine with next year. it is what is it..as they say.

  3. 1 hour ago, elijah said:

    I know we heard snippets and as far as I remember the majority said they thought from what they heard it aint a first single material.

    I don't think its stupid to compare the next new single to Frozen and LAP. Even though those are among the best songs ever created, they are both co-written by Madonna so its not a shock to expect the best from her as she has set the bar extremely high. I know that these days she is held to this tremendous standard and  compared to the other singers she is still miles better in everyway, but the majority of her fans know she is capable of masterpieces and would always compare her singles to those.

    Mirwais was and has been a divisive collaborator. There has been masterpieces that both have created - Paradise, Future Lovers immediately spring to mind, but his work with her has been criticized, especially since DAD. Its the reality. As for other collaborators: I m really exited for them, especially the Portuguese artists. And I hope for a great fusion between M, Mirwais and those sounds. 

    I don't know if the album has been pushed back. Its just that lots of ppl seem to think that as she premiered part of BG in May, had a hat with it, posted pics with that title: all pointed out that this is probably the first single, but is yet to release it some 4 months later. Its not a shock for her to change the first single: Frozen instead of ROL, 4 minutes instead of Give It To Me (judging by the cover art of the album and rumors), Living For Love instead of Unapologetic Bitch... Maybe that would happen here too? I m not getting hysterical, I m just exited and hope for the best for her and from her!


    i think we just need to know when she will be shooting the album cover art, just a little glimpse from her on insta will save us for this boredom. And likely determine when the album will be out.  She's really keeping it on the DL this time.  Where are our "insiders"?

  4. 6 hours ago, Danny Bubbles said:

    Maybe she shot something yesterday. She had her roots done by the woman she tagged. Is Andy just make up? He wouldn't be flying over just for nothing... unless he was going on to Lisbon on a connecting flight... but he's clearly over to work on something...



    nicola is her hair colorist/ andy doesnt do makeup, M will probably be back to London coming week

  5. 3 minutes ago, Suedey said:

    Even the thing that shall remain nameless is releasing its soundtrack album on 5th October and it's had a press release . 


    Unfortunately I do feel that in recent years too much creative control and lack of a proper team and record label behind Madonna have meant that she has become self indulgent and tends to go over songs and over-produce them. Case in point being that most of the RH demos ended up sounding much better than the final versions. 


    thats a totally different thing. its a movie and is doing promos at film festivals..ect.. backed by a film studio

  6. 2 minutes ago, sul8323 said:

    Why is that too soon?  What inside information do you have? Panic at the Disxo completed the bulk if their tour before the album was even released.  Old school timing means nothing now.

    i don't know.. just thought no news at all, not even a single, and its out oct 10?  I would love it.. that song would need to be very BUZZ worthy

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