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  1. DWT and RIT because these are the only 2 tours i didn't see live
  2. It was by far her best tour ! I remember it was the first time I saw her that close and that amazed me ! I was wearing a disco ball hat and I had a 10 seconds moment with her looking at me in the eye during ROL ! I will never forget that ! The show was a perfect mix of old and new songs and for the first time in her career when she started singing get together she looked so happy and not that much focused on what she was supposed to do . A bit like the RH tour. It all felt like if you were in a great studio 54 night ! I remember how hot it was in the arena. I remember too seeing a lot of pictu
  3. just saw the Versace sunglasses add posters here on the Strip in Vegas !
  4. Awesome show !!!! much more downtempo then the other tours but full of love and life !! Our favs of the night : Holy Water, Holiday, La vie en rose , Illuminati, Like a Virgin, Rebel Heart, Bitch i'm Madonna !! But i have one thing that keeps going through my mind : Where are the japanese drums and where is the S.E.X. teacher video ??
  5. Are we aloud to periscope parts of the show tonight or I'll get kicked out ? Lol
  6. Montréal opening night !! Woohoo !!
  7. 2005 definitely marks a turning point in her face evolution !
  8. i love it !!! wish we had a high quality version of it ! that song speaks to me ..lol
  9. With the pictures posted today on her instagram we can expect a full glam\vintage\oscars look for one of the sections . Don't you agree ?
  10. She did an awesome job though in 'je t'aime, moi non plus ' at the Olympia in 2012 though ! We can clearly understand what she as singing !
  11. It's just her accent that is not awesome but very very charming! She would need Lola to teach her how to say it properly!
  12. Her french is not that good in that song , i have a hard time understanding the lyrics and it is my native tongue but i looove the song ! it's fun and refreshing and is definitely in the I'm breathless era kinda mood love it !
  13. the whole Jimmy Fallon show was amazing ! can't wait to see the tour now ! even the comedy act was not bad ! which other artists at this point of their career would have the courage to do something like that ? not a lot !! koodos to you M
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