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  1. Under no circumstances did I mean any dis Under no circumstances did I mean any disrespect towards anyone but regardless of what I feel for the song if she didn't do it during its album's Era why would she do it now and question whether she does that or best night that is from this Era?
  2. wow I'm lost for words, I absolutely cannot wait till this tour starts and Madonna rules the world once again and shuts a lot of negative mouths...... anddddddd I can already smell the controversy with the pole dancing nuns, lol, the catholics will be all over her
  3. Obviously not the setlist, it's horrible.... Sorry to those that might like it but why would she even contemplate about doing Some Girls from MDNA? It's horrible and she didn't even do it during the actual MDNA tour why would she do it now? And contemplate it over Best Night which is an amazing song? Yeah no definitely not the real setlist
  4. One of my "never going to happen" songs I would have loved to hear is Forbidden Love from Bedtime stories, such an amazing song
  5. I always love when she goes into "Live out your fantasy here with me...." and her voice goes deeper such an amazing highlight for me to such an amazing song that you can never listen to too many times!!!
  6. It all depends on what she has planned to do.. I personally am excited to see her despite on what she is planning, whether to be more rebel heart, more oldies, and regardless of the amount of dancing she is planning to do but I do want her to give her best in at least some numbers
  7. Yeah I'm not expecting her to dance like in BAT or Girlie show but at least not just stand around and move only hand gestures lol
  8. That's cool, Hold Tight is cute and catchy. Also goes to show you how much more open minded and accepting Europeans are as opposed to the north americans who believe no one over 40 deserves radio time and we should just be subjected to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande around the clock
  9. I am actually really curious to see how much she will be dancing this tour... In a lot of the promo appearances she did for the Rebel Heart album for living for love she was doing a lot of standing around and on the spot hand gestures and what not.... I know she's getting up there in age and she does get really tired but I just hope though that she will still kick ass as far as the choreography goes for the tour .
  10. So holy water/vogue and then vogue/holy water? She's going on don't hose two twice?
  11. I'm praying for Diplo to be in the Toronto shows as well!!!
  12. With setlists aren't the finalized versions posted on Madonna.com a bit before the first show of a tour launches?
  13. FreeMySoul I totally agree with you.... My first ever Madonna concert was S&S... I've always loved her way before then but I was only financially able to start going to her shows for S&S and MDNA, and I remember that feeling really well when she started doing get into the groove it felt like the whole venue had come to life
  14. I think the majority of us can agree that Rebel Heart is a great album, for me it is definitely in my top 3 of favorite albums, but I mean come on, classics are classics and if the tour lacks in hits it would be ludicrous. Madonna is not your typical pop tart who has five albums of material, she has over 30 years of hits, so to expect her to focus on doing every single song off of the new album and give less focus on her oldies I am sorry but its just not going to happen
  15. I feel like this tour will offer a lot of different things, if the whole idea of this tour is for her to be all cool ballady and low key why would she mention challenging choreography?
  16. I hope this is the real playlist, if so then we have something real for some to be happy about, some others to bitch about without it being just speculation lol
  17. I don't think it matters anyway, if she were to do a promo tour then rehearsals for the major tour it would have probably been too much for her, I'm glad she is just strictly focused on the tour itself right now
  18. If it is then it's perfect, just would like to know if there are video interludes and what they will be
  19. I wouldn't mind this being the setlist, its got most of rebel heart which a lot of people want and a lot of the oldies that I'd want to hear so this actually would work rather well
  20. I think the thread's title should be changed to "Rebel Heart tour 2015-2016 arguments and assumptions" lol!!!!
  21. Toronto first night for sure, and potentially the second night as well but not 100 per cent sure yet
  22. All this comparing Madonna to all these new pop tarts and whether she will outsell them or not is really just unnecessary headache. Let's just enjoy the fact that Madonna is putting together something really amazing for us fans who have stuck by her all these years and will continue to do so for as long as she feels like she wants to be ruling the world
  23. It would be a great idea, but yes I myself would also want a full concert dvd as well.. She did both for Reinvention so she can do it for this tour as well
  24. Wow now she's hinting Love Don't Live Here Anymore!!! Seems like she is getting really nostalgic
  25. It was not a bad article, but when the writer went on to call Taylor Swift the biggest pop star on the planet I couldn't help but laugh
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