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  1. Greek paparazzi have spotted Lourdes in Hania, a part of Crete in Greece.....
  2. So I have been re watching all of Madonna's tours all week working up my excitement for the Rebel Heart tour, and just earlier I was watching the Girlie show, and was just wondering if you guys think that the whole performance of JML did justice to the song as far as it's sexy, sultry, lyrics and meaning is concerned? The costumes were great, and I liked the whole vibe and feel to it, but I think personally that a song like JML, which has to be like the second most sexiest Madonna song after Erotica, was to be performed in a more sexier manner, with more provocative costumes and moves between Madge and the dancers. Girlie show was considered highly controversial for its time yet for me JML was pretty vanilla
  3. I don't think she wants to prolong the tour much anyway because doesn't she want to venture into stand up comedy in 2017? The tour will go up to mid of next year anyway
  4. Only slight problem I had with the sound quality of the album was her not using the Avicci versions for WAOM and Rebel Heart, other than that I didn't notice any inconsistencies of any sort, but I am not one to pay too much attention to those kinds of details anyway
  5. The guy who does it said he was planning on waiting so long since the last one so that he can flyer the actual concert lol
  6. Another teaser for S.E.X. via IG... You've got a bad attitude..............❤ #rebelhearttour" -Madonna
  7. Another teaser for S.E.X. via Instagram..... You've got a bad attitude..............❤ #rebelhearttour" -Madonna
  8. lol I really hope so, that'll be part of the tour where I am just gonna go mental lol, Deeper And Deeper is life
  9. For anyone from Toronto or Canadian cities, or for anyone in the states who could travel to Toronto, October 24th the 17th edition of Can't Stop Ester, an all Madonna dance party will go down on Church Street. The last one was on March 22nd that I sadly missed because I had tickets to an EDM event, but this time around I will definitely be there, and the venue itself is actually just a few blocks away from the Hard Candy gym... So whoever can make it down it would be amazing and obviously worth it since it's the queen we are talking about
  10. Coincidentally, in case this has already been mentioned, today marks the day in 1992 when TUTBMP reached number 1 in the billboard charts
  11. I actually remember that for MDNA there were people sitting a row in front of me that actually left after her delay to come on stage before she even came out.
  12. I'm going ape shit that I will finally be able to tell the tale that I saw Deeper and Deeper live and hopefully closer to the original and not a slow version like RIT
  13. I am hoping not as well, besides I thought she only goes for young cock the last couple of years lol
  14. I don't see this posted anywhere on this forum so decided to post it... Sorry if someone else has already brought it up and I haven't noticed. What do you guys think of this potential? Madonna's no longer a "virgin," but Sean Penn wants to "touch" her for a second "time," this according to a sizzling new rumor about the divorced couple. An insider told the National Enquirer that Madonna's 14-year-old son, Rocco, is playing Cupid and wants his mom to reconcile with her ex-husband. Reportedly, he hatched the matchmaking scheme when the two visited Haiti together in 2013. The insider says it's pretty serious; the teen refers to Sean as his "second dad." "Within a day of the breakup, Rocco was calling Sean, begging him to ask his mom out. Sean’s always loved Madonna. He thinks she’s the only woman strong enough to handle him. They’re planning a vacation together with Rocco before her tour begins in September." Madonna, birth name, Madonna Louise Ciccone, began dating Penn while filming the video for "Material Girl," her second hit. They soon wed in 1985 on her birthday. The couple was among Hollywood's elite, and entertainment critics closely scrutinized everything they did. After all, she is Madonna Bitch! In fact, her best-selling studio album to date, "True Blue," which contained three No.1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, was dedicated to Sean Penn. However, their relationship came crumbling down over a short span of time. In 1987, the marriage was annulled. Then, in 1989, Madonna filed to divorce Sean and cited the obligatory, "irreconcilable differences." Looking back, Judge John Merrick, who performed the marital vows for Penn and Madonna, made a prediction that proved correct: their marriage wouldn't last. A writer for People went one step further and said the couple was incompatible from the start. "Surprise? No. The real question is, why? Or, maybe, what took so long? The Poison Penns—or S&M, as they are known to some—have never been an Astaire-Rogers sort of match. He's art; she's commerce. He hates publicity; she attracts it the way velvet draws lint. He frequently appears in public looking like an unmade bed; she usually greets her public looking like her makeup was done by Sherwin-Williams." Penn recently reunited with ex-fiancé, Charlize Theron, but only to complete what they started: filming of a movie, The Last Face [awkward!]. And for all practical purposes, it may be the last time they meet in an intimate setting. The pair was seen in South Africa tying up loose ends. They both star in the film and Penn is the director. was only a month ago that Sean and his former gal pal called off their engagement. Us Weekly reported the couple's split back in June when the Dark Place actress simply "cut him [sean Penn] off," a term referred to as Ghosting. The insider said Madonna and Sean's history together was quite volatile -- and allegedly physical. Penn's history for having a short temper and disdain for photographers is well documented. However, rumors surfaced during their marriage that Sean took a baseball bat to Madonna's head. Additionally, he is said to have tied her up and held the singer against her will for nine hours the year before they officially divorced. The insider adds that the second time around is not cut and dried as some think. "Not everyone in Madonna’s camp thinks reconciliation with Sean is a good idea. Her daughter, Lourdes, is wary of his violent past and out-of-control temper." It certainly sounds like an epic gossip story should Sean Penn and Madonna get back together. However, do you think they can rekindle the flame?
  15. I'm sorry but I remember a lot of people going ape shit over the rock version she did of Borderline for S&S which IMO was decent, I mean for me Borderline is a classic for sure which I like fine but wouldn't really say it ranks as a favorite, so I didn't mind the S&S version as much, but OYH is such a feel good dance song which was not meant to be mixed with yodelling and stomping on apples
  16. I would really love to see Open Your Heart on this tour as well. Always has been a favorite of mine but would love to hear it in more standard sound because I really felt like it was butchered in MDNA with the whole apple stomping thing
  17. I would also want Vogue even though its been done in all three of her last tours. The one song I think can take a rest though is Like A Prayer, partly because even though the S&S remix was amazing the MDNA performance in the kimono was so tired and the sound was so repetitive that I actually got really bored with it... The controversy that fake setlists get on here kills me and makes me wonder what will happen when the real one finally surfaces, I think this forum will probably crash or something
  18. Yep, just like every era of Madonna's this one had its uniqueness, and where she really started pushing boundaries and doing her own thing artistically without giving a fuck what people thought
  19. I sent them an angry email yesterday, not that I expect much to come out of it but reading this thread made me remember how pissed I am that I didn't get my gift yet lol
  20. I love how this is the third time this thread is reopening and all the concrete information we have is the two teaser videos and the teasers she posts on instagram of possible songs from the setlist
  21. Yea I never got anything either, I remember bringing it up a couple of times on here myself and a lot of people jumped to give me their sarcasm, lol. I emailed them a couple of times about it, they got back to me twice saying that live nation had not sent them the stock yet but when they did they would send me my key chain, but it never happened and by the sounds of it it never will
  22. Lol yea come on Rebecca might have been a cold hearted evil bitch but that old guy got the fuck of his life in that video so he died a happy man
  23. Guess the bush was more popular back then
  24. well let's not forget that there was COAD which was not even a title of a song on the album
  25. That dress isn't the best she's wore but not the worse either and maybe when she's actually in make up and has her hair done it'll look nicer, but I'll take that dress any day over the tacky kilts or the skirts with pants underneath look. I too am so stoked about who's that girl!!!!
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