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  1. I am going to the first Toronto night for sure, the second one is still in the air as I am waiting on another friend to make up her mind, lol. But I will definitely be at the October 5th show
  2. I personally have a lot of love for get together it's probably my favorite song in coadf but unfortunately it hasn't even been rumored as a potential for the set list. I'm a tad disappointed personally though that ITG was tossed out though
  3. I would obviously watch it if it's true but at the same time I still prefer for it to not be true because most reality shows are for wash outs who have nothing to offer but show off their scandals and luxury lives on camera. Madonna is too big of an artist for something like that
  4. I would love to hear Into The Groove but rumor has it it got scrapped. Would love to hear causing a commotion but don't think its going to happen either lol
  5. Happy birthday to the most amazing artist of the world, who has supplied us with the most amazing songs, shows, and ways of life. I love you so much my queen!!!!
  6. It so is about Gaga, the "you're a pretty girl I'll give you that" might throw some people off though, lol... Didn't know until now that this was an Avicci song. Wonder why Madge decided to scrap every song she did with him
  7. I would have to say RIT, it was just so cool that she opened up with a huge classic, kind of a "I'm back bitches" kind of opening
  8. I always wanted to hear Open your heart live but MDNA version was a disaster
  9. Ok so the fact that she's number 1 is great, although expected, but then again I feel whoever wrote this wasn't happy with the fact that he/she had to rank Madonna as the number 1 female pop artist so had to throw in tacky hate lines, which were meant to be discreet but I mean come on you mean to tell me that this person has never heard "Live To Tell" or "Frozen" or "Power Of Goodbye" or "Secret" or "Take A Bow" to claim that she prefers surface over depth and all that bullshit you can see the bitterness oozing. Maybe this "writer" is a little monster lol
  10. I was hoping for Into The Groove but by the looks of it it has gotten scrapped... oh well at least we will have who's that girl which we haven't heard live since the who's that girl tour
  11. Me too!!!!! I remember getting my tickets right on the pre sale date and being like holy shit I now have the tickets and I have to wait 7 whole friggin months, lol... Now it's under 2 :tigger:
  12. A truly maginificent tour, the biggest highlight for me was Live To Tell, it ranks on one of Madonna's best performances for me
  13. I don't think she will be doing any other songs from Rebel Heart aside from the ones on the standard edition of it.. Here it's doubtful a lot of people would know any other songs aside from LFL, GT and BIM so why would she do something like Beautiful Scars or Graffiti Heart?
  14. Ever since the tour was announced I always pictured Illuminati beginning with sirens and dancers dressed as cops and whack shit happening before she enters the stage to perform it, lol, don't know why
  15. The way I read unpopular was songs that aren't considered hits
  16. It actually isn't bad at all, I don't know why a lot of people hate on it so much
  17. Lol with so many demos that were good, I think it's safe to say that Madonna can actually make two other albums just from fixing some kinks from the demos lol
  18. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Why's It So Hard Forbidden Love (from Bedtime Stories) Nothing Fails Like It Or Not
  19. Can I just say that I am actually looking forward to come actual concrete info on what songs she actually performed, etc, because the lack of information has caused so much controversy on this forum, lol, but with that being said even when we know all the exclusives there still will be controversy over what songs she did, what songs she didn't do, what songs she should have done except for others, lol, moderators get ready to lock a lot of threads
  20. So after the release of all the demos and then the official release of Rebel Heart we all have songs we wish made it to the album but didn't, and for me Never Let You Go was one of them. Even the demo version is pretty close to perfection as far as the sound is, and it just is such a feel good song in my opinion, romantic yet catchy and feel good at the same time... What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRwhP2OUKYk&feature=player_detailpage
  21. I think the looks are gonna be hot for this tour as far as wardrobe is concerned as long as there are no kumonos or pants under long skirts
  22. And that she has three songs with "Beautiful in it"... "Beautiful Stranger" "Beautiful Killer" & "Beautiful Scars"
  23. Yeah but she was older there, plus she was still married to Guy Richie so she was still acting all lady like, I think once the Confessions tour hit provocative Madge slowly started to surface again
  24. Lol thank god now she should just jump diplo already lol
  25. Lol ok well I never said I considered it a bad performance just didn't see the sexiness of the song. However then I did start to realize she wanted to differentiate and not do something predictable and then when I read the pov of others I started to think different
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