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  1. I just know madonna is going to use this tour to lash out at Kim Davis lol I'm positive
  2. I know right? Details about this tour have been tighter than a nun's cooch, lol... In a way its good but in a way it's nerve racking
  3. Lol well we already know how many guys will come to your rescue Stephen
  4. I was listening to the Offer Nisim remix at the gym the other day and without realizing it was belting out the "looooveee" parts
  5. She also did Frozen on RIT. Happens to be one of my favorite performances of all time actually
  6. Lol Alen, nothing with Madonna should surprise you. Here she went from super sexy, sex vixen to housewife and having tea with the queen, lol.
  7. I was thinking they would be released on the same day, but guess not, so almost got heat stroke from going from store to store for nothing lol
  8. OMG that's all? Just 6 seconds? lol bitch is killing me!!!!
  9. I have gone to several places here in Toronto today, nothing They have issues with dr. dre and ice cube and one of mick jagger but no madge
  10. Is it out everywhere in North America? I just came to a book city here in Toronto and I don't see it. They have rolling Stone with Dr Dre and ice cube on thr cover
  11. I don't know what to do first, go to the gym and then go get the magazine, or go get the magazine first and be too excited to go to the gym after and come back home to look through it lol
  12. I've watched them all in order for the past two weeks and now I am rewatching them again in random order, lol
  13. Madonna has rocked three decades for sure, and is still continuing to do so but lets not forget the 80's were the beginning of everything when she began to rule the world therefore its a very special era
  14. Yea exactly was going to say the same thing but feared backlash, lol. Two times out eight going to nine tours is not played out lol
  15. I love the cover, it's beautiful... love the nostalgia
  16. I'm dying for Deeper And Deeper since its rumoured to be on the setlist, and I am hoping for something a bit closer to the original than RIT
  17. The sock idea needs to go just like Janet's pants :laugh: :laugh:
  18. I feel probably Living For Love will be lipsynced especially if most likely she does the offer nissim remix
  19. Cool I'm loving how my idea is attracting interest, gonna be a cool thread
  20. I have been watching all the old tours in mad anticipation!!! I just cant believe that we are so close to the queen finally beginning her tour, and for me October 5th cant come soon enough for her Toronto show. Part of me wants to try the surprise factor thing out but another part of me just cant wait to see what will be posted from the shows before Toronto
  21. Yea I never found anything too special about those two Asian dancers either, except for the fact that they kind of bring something different to the stage and they are willing to shock lol
  22. So I thought of a cool idea; a thread where we all post selfies outside if the venue we are going to see the show at. If you can get a poster or billboard in the shot somehow even better. What do you guys think?
  23. I doubt she will do songs from Rebel Heart that were on the super deluxe version
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