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  1. While this isn't the longest time I've had to wait for Madonna to come to Toronto from when she kicks off her tours it's still a little less than a month and I just don't know what to do, avoid all spoilers or allow myself little tidbits of it until she comes here? Oh the challenges of life, lol
  2. I'm going crazy for opening night and I'm not even going to be there lol I just want the tour to begin already and for the time to come for her to bring her ass to toronto
  3. For those going to Montreal show please please please take a pic of the merch table so we can see what we will buy lol
  4. Lol BangGang I've been dying for Causing a Commotion, lets do a ritual together to make her obsessed with the song and add it in last minute
  5. I was really young when Rescue me came out so I don't know if it actually was a hit in the nightlife or anything... Don't get me wrong I don't mind the song at all I just don't feel like the tour will lack if its not included lol
  6. You're right Nonoka, I actually don't mind Janet but I was banned from her forum for calling her out on that disgusting tour outfit lol
  7. I don't understand what they obsession with Rescue Me Is. It's not a bad song but its nothing that special either, and she never acknowledged it the whole 25 years or so its been out so why would she perform it now?
  8. Wow this dancer is legit crazy sexy hot, fucking smoking!!!!! He better be in his briefs for all his dance numbers lol
  9. On a lot of the rumored setlist they show Like A Virgin and Inside out mashed together and that gets me thinking on how interesting those two songs can go together... Also personally with Candy Shop I don't mind much, I wouldn't enjoy the tour any less if it wasn't on the setlist but it doesn't bother me as much that it's on and actually on MDNA Candy Shop was one of the highlights. Only thing that disappoints me a tad is that Into The Groove got scrapped, one of my ultimate 80's faves so I feel like it would have been a great moment but it's all good so many other great tracks have been confi
  10. OMG I think I would die right after the warm up routine
  11. Lol and to think there are only small tidbits of spoilers this time around david86
  12. For you pants under a kilt might be tasteful and that's your business but last I checked this us a discussion board where people can say their opinions everyone has a right to what they like and don't like doesn't make you a bigger madonna fan than me so a little less with the bashing
  13. I love how this has been what like the 5th or so time this thread had to be reopen fresh? I've lost track and we still know so little about what's going to be happening until next week. I think I've gotten grey hair from the wait lol.
  14. I posted it just because of the part of how this tour will make her very rich for those who are afraid it will flop lol
  15. Unfortunately a rumor that has been surfacing a lot lately :/
  16. So I'm at work with hopes that at lunch time I can go to the Shoppers across the street and they will have it, lol.... My friend who lives in Missisauga found it at a walmart yesterday
  17. It is an ultimate Madonna song. I remember first hearing it and even the bell at the beginning got me all excited, lol. Sorry did her well, though I have had a love/hate relationship with that song for years now, going from singing and dancing to it, to other times skipping it whenever I have my Madonna playlist on shuffle. It did her justice though, I remember the video being played frequently on TV and to this day you can still catch it on the radio every now and then
  18. I'm sorry but I personally could never get all the way through DWT no matter how many times I try. It's just too boring compared to all her other tours, and while the imagery was ok the setlist was so dull not to mention the tacky costumes. But overall I don't mind if this tour will have elements that remind people of it, so long as she kicks ass when she has to during her performances. Today marks the final month I have to wait until she comes to Toronto and I think I am beside myself with anticipation, lol!
  19. Found this article this morning from the movienesguide.com site Despite reports of Madonna’s upcoming “Rebel Heart” tour underselling, it is actually making her very rich even by multi-millionaire Rockstar standards. Read on to find out how. She might be having troubles of the heart in her wooing of her destructive relationship with Sean Penn, but at least she has piles of money to comfort her. According to this NY Post article, Madonna’s 10th worldwide tour is underselling but the truth is far from it. Turns out, with this tour Madonna has become the artist with the most expensive tour, s
  20. A proper video was shot for it? I think it would. Not to bad mouth the anime video or anything, but I feel like it hard strong potential to become another major hit from COADF if an actual video was made....
  21. I really like the drums in the remix but I think I prefer the original live as well, only because it seems like she actually dances more when she does the original like in the Grammy's performance, whereas with the remix she just does those hand movements with the Chinese dancers
  22. You guys think she's going to take the opportunity to bash that Kim Davis hag on this tour? lol
  23. My friend just confirmed to me that she is getting us tickets for the second Toronto show, so now I will be at both Toronto shows!
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