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  1. Hey guys I don't know if this has already been mentioned but rebel heart is now number 25 in Canadian iTunes charts!!!!! She knocked the socks off everyone in Montreal and this is just the beginning baby!!!!
  2. Sept 10 2015 Uke Must Love Me: Madonna's Fun-Loving, Hits-Laden REBEL HEART TOUR: I could understand it if someone said they didn't love Madonna's MDNA Tour. I would be shocked if anyone professing to like Madonna would say to me they didn't love her new Rebel Heart Tour, which kicked off in Montreal tonight—the unpretentious tour trades in art and angst for pop transcendence. The set list is a longtime fan's dream, hitting her first and second albums harder than ever previously thought possible at this late date, and the costumes and set pieces are glitzy and escapist. Madonna can command a stage regardless of her agenda, whether via stylized violence, sustained pauses, or—as here—pure charm. With Rebel Heart, she kills with kindness, captivates with mega-watts smiles. She has proved to the world that at 57 she's still sexy and sexual, but on stage, she is shockingly unshocking, covered from head to toe most of the time. Also shockingly unshocking is the show's content Sure, there are nuns on stripper poles and a gasp-inducing Last Supper mise-en-scene. Nonetheless, Madonna's presentation of such things carries no sense of menace. She sings that she just wants to have fun tonight, and wasn't lying. Madonna generously offers up some of her most fondly remembered hits, and manages to perform a large chunk of Rebel Heart without making it feel like she's forcing new stuff down old fans' throats. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really enjoyed “Body Shop” and “HeartBreakCity,” two new songs I had assumed I would be able to live without. Indeed, a highlight has to be an artfully choreographed stair-down on the latter, which segues into an exciting and beautifully sung “Love Don't Live Here Anymore.” A hits medley had fans questioning their ears (yes, she really just launched into that song!), but what blew the crowd away was Madonna's exquisitely delivered “La Vie en Rose”; she earned a well-deserved standing O from the French Canadians. When Madonna whipped out her guitar or her ukulele, she didn't damage how her classics sounded; indeed, many of her old hits sounded very close to their original renditions, with some intelligent tweaking here and there. I'll have more on the tour when I'm not traveling, but I would summarize it as a thrillingly carefree, warmly nostalgic tribute to Madonna's roots (which are dark!) and to her fans. Bitch, she's Madonna ... but she acknowledged tonight that she does not always have to be a bitch about it. SET LIST BY MARK DOCTROW (INTERLUDES IN PARENTHESES): IconicBitch I'm MadonnaBurning UpHoly WaterVogueDevil Pray(Messiah)Body ShopTrue BlueDeeper And DeeperHeartBreakCityLove Don't Live Here AnymoreLike A Virgin [i swear I hear "see my booty get down" in there—Matt](Justify My Love/S.E.X.)Living For LoveLa Isla BonitaDress You Up/Into The Groove/Everybody/Lucky StarWho's That GirlRebel Heart(Illuminati)Music/Get StupidCandy ShopMaterial GirlLa Vie en RoseUnapologetic BitchHoliday - See more at: http://www.boyculture.com/boy_culture/2015/09/uke-must-love-me-madonnas-fun-loving-hits-laden-rebel-heart-tour.html#sthash.Hrw79OZi.dpuf
  3. I need the tour book in my life right now, lol. Damn it can it not be October already?????
  4. I just know she will make a sneer toward Kim Davis I just know it, and we will cheer and applaud until the roof falls down!!!!!!
  5. I would definitely say Erotica takes the cake for Madonna's gayest album, just the whole sound and feel of it and I remember much more drags trying to look like her that era as well
  6. The new tour teaser is literally making my heart skip a beat, damn lol!!!!!
  7. It is according to this site: http://www.breatheheavy.com/madonnas-rebel-heart-tour-set-list-revealed/ so I'm assuming it is
  8. Act One: Joan of Arc / Samurai 1. “Iconic” 2. “Bitch I’m Madonna” 3. “Burning Up” 4. “Holy Water” 5. “Vogue” 6. “Devil Pray” Act Two: Rockabilly / Tokyo 7. “Body Shop” 8. “True Blue” 9. “Ghosttown” 10. “HeartBreak City” / “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” 11. “Like A Virgin” Act Three: Latin / Gypsy 12. “SEX” contains excerpts from “Justify My Love” 13. “Living For Love” 14. “La Isla Bonita” 15. “Deeper and Deeper” 16. “Music (Get Stupid)” 17. “La Vie En Rose” Act Four: Party / Flapper 18. “Candy Shop” 19. “Who’s That Girl” 20. “Rebel Heart” 21. “Illuminati” 22. “Material Girl” 23. “Unapologetic Bitch” 24. “Holiday” P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!!!!!!!!!!! It's only missing one song I wanted, Dress You Up, but who cares, this setlist is amazing!!!!
  9. Lol I'm seeing mer girl hey you and Spanish lesson so shoo be doo felt like it needed to be thrown in
  10. I would die to meet her up close, but like a backstage thing or something, not that its ever going to happen but yea whole bringing your fans up on stage and dancing up on them and stuff is really tacky and definitely something she wouldn't, and shouldn't do, lol..... FYI did u guys know Avril Lavigne charged $325 bucks for those photo opps?
  11. think it was also very current sounding at that time with collaborators who were making big hits
  12. To say what you like and what you don't like about a tour when it's finally happened and you've seen it live is one thing but to actually shit on everyone's excitement while it still hasn't happened yet is beyond ridiculous. Madonna has too many songs to count in her catalogue so how can you expect her to do every single song that every one likes individually just be happy with what she has worked her ass off to do and shut up. She already has these ageist fucks waiting to bash her she doesn't need supposed fans doing the same
  13. Love it or hate it LAV is THE madonna song that every Tom dick and Harry knows so therefore it needs to exist
  14. I honestly cringe at the comments of people who in a nutshell suggest she ignore her 80's catalogue like are you fucking kidding me? Like it or not this is her most significant Era and it always will be what do u expect her to ignore like a virgin and do shanghai/ashtangi? Take a damn seat
  15. This was supposed to be a snippet of UB but it got removed almost instantly once it was uploaded :/ https://soundcloud.com/yoyo-227398925/worldwide-exclusive-unapologetic-bitch-live
  16. Hard Candy was a great album, not her best of course but definitely not her worst, I don't know why so many people trash it
  17. Don't know if this has already been posted, but here's a video of her coming out of what looks to be the hotel she's staying at, looking more kempt than the wet hair and fedora hat look, lol.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwpHZP8Jek0&feature=player_detailpage
  18. OMG can tomorrow finally be here, lol..... We will finally know what's real, what's fake, what will happen and what won't and then we can finally have new material in our life, lol
  19. Wow this was a huge milestone in her career, easily one of her best albums of all time and also it marked the return of the old dance floor Madonna after the folklore hiatus
  20. Me as well I want to allow myself a few glimpses just to ease my mind that is going mental with anticipation. Question is, will this offer me ease, or just more craze and then I'll want to find out every single detail until October 5th lol
  21. I would love it if she adds the "Revolution Of Love" speech in Living For Love like she did at the grammy's. I don't know why but it still gives me goosebumps when I watch it
  22. I'm going to allow myself a few spoilers, but I want a bit of a surprise factor as well because for MDNA I was watching youtube videos continuously and some of the European dates were also up on good quality and by the time she came to Toronto I knew the whole show off by heart and it became too familiar lol
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