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  1. Bow down to Madonna! That’s at least what the singer said to a dancer when he was tardy for dance rehearsal! As Madonna is currently on her Rebel Heart tour, she’s apparently cracking the whip to make it as perfect as possible — which involves making anyone who’s late kiss her feet! Madonna, 57, has established herself as a pop music queen and proved that she is one of the best in the business. Because of the reputation she has built though, she doesn’t take any of her work lightly. So when one of her dancers showed up late for rehearsal for her Rebel Heart World Tour stop in New York City, s
  2. Maybe she could do something similar to Music? Both with dancey, EDM like songs and also some accoustic, more personal sounding songs
  3. I recieved the email Friday but have not gotten the keychain
  4. So have any of the forum members actually been meeting each other? Lol
  5. Hm, well I got the email right on midnight Friday that my item has been shipped
  6. So kind of randomly bringing this old thread to life again to let anyone who doesn't know yet that I got the email that my free gift has been shipped so we should finally be getting our stuff. I got the key chain and I am really hoping for the ones with Madonna on them and not this heart key ring I saw as part of the merch lol
  7. I personally would have loved to see Waiting, even as just an interlude. I'm glad she did Deeper and Deeper this tour because it's a song I always wanted to see her do live and never got the chance to until now when I see her next month because my first time ever seeing her live was S&S...
  8. yea so far I don't see any opening acts posted for upcoming shows, the Toronto shows I will be at included
  9. so I wonder will the time she takes the stage the same even for shows without an opening act?
  10. I just did ripped yoga at hard candy yesterday, don't know if its a specific type that she actually does but I am assuming she has
  11. Amazing vid, loved how you captured the scenes of the videos for the second verse
  12. It's a cute outfit for sure, but the black outfit from the beginning of the show was smoking hot
  13. No other gym in Toronto that I know of anyway offers such a wide variety of top of the line equipment and so many classes, not to mention perks like unlimited towel service and everything you can ask for in the change rooms
  14. I got mine a week ago at the indigo bookstore, I loved it very awesome pictures but I think it would have been cooler if they also added the covers of each issue they used the interviews for
  15. I got a corporate deal 89 a month still a bit steep but better than what they were asking for back in the spring
  16. Its strange she hasn't expanded on more clubs, but yeah for sure on Monday I will get a few snaps for all of you
  17. Lol really? I only just signed up so I don't start work in out there till Monday so I haven't explored yet and obviously that's not something they tell you during the signing up lol
  18. If you're ever in Toronto I could get you a free trial lol
  19. MEEEEEEE!!!!!lol I just signed up today got a bit of a better deal from what I had gotten when I first tried to join but it's still a tiny bit steep but I can't wait to start working out there
  20. I think it's going to mean very good things for rebel heart as the your progresses people are gonna feel pretty stupid not knowing of it when it was released lol
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