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  1. i'm loving everything. the only thing that confuses me is the heartbeat routine. is she supposed to be a robot or a pinocchio like thingie? i was just hoping for a little more dancing for that song being that it's about dancing and all haha overall aside from the few gorgeous dark moments the overall theme is celebration and power i absolutely love love love the translucent screen for devil with all that stuff flying around her. and that screen there is a nice touch...especially the part with the flames the technical aspect of the show is quite different this time around...a lot mo
  2. i'm so excited for this! i don't care what anyone else thinks...i love her with a guitar.
  3. that would be awesome if she used a descending mike to sing into....such a fun take on the boxing theme. depends on which song she uses it for. maybe she'll be announced that way for one of the sections...Human Nature would be cool if she is wearing boxing gloves and singing into that mic that cover is GORGEOUS!
  4. i love every tour but it's cool to watch how she gets more and more refined image wise with each show. hair more perfect than the next...concept more precise than the next...costumes more elaborate than the next.... i can't wait to see the choreography this time around...i really hope jamie queen has really pulled out all the stops and done something fresh and exciting especially for vogue
  5. wow that staff she's holding looks awesome when you see all the detail on it. i really hope her hair is straight like in this drawings rather than the 4minutes hair. it can start out long and straight and then get all wavy as she goes along. these costumes are so couture i love it
  6. holy shit! they all sound amazing! i'm only not downloading the opener so that i have a little bit of a surprise. vogue sounds hot and it's probably got some crazy choreography my only question is whether 4 minutes later on in the show is going to have the same beat and background...that would be weird.... maybe they'll do 4m with vogue as the background...that would be interesting it's so awesome to hear a live band again i think that's going to be the selling point of this show to make it special
  7. do you guys think she will rise from the stage this time around or will she descend there was a thread ages ago about how when she's coming off of a low point (commercially) in her career she rises up from the stage (Erotica and Girlie Show; American Life and RIT) and when she's doing well she descends (COAD and Confessions) i know it doesn't work for every tour but what do you guys think? i hope her entrance is as close to grand as it was for Confessions as possible and not just sitting on that throne that swings around
  8. don't get me wrong...I love the boxing theme... i guess i just wish the tour wasn't called sticky and sweet that's all
  9. smartass haha priests do confessions....nuns don't hehe those were just off the top of my head....she could do a whole shoot as if she's willy wonka
  10. i just don't get the boxing themed photos for a "sticky and sweet" tour. I would love to see really crazy photos of her wrapped in cellophane or with strings of gum raveled around her ending in her mouth or around her finger....something bizarre and freaky her whole presentation this time around is so disjointed its odd
  11. maybe we will get that guitar driven rock and roll album next that we thought we were getting this time around. i think she's really awesome behind the guitar and looks hot while she's doing it. as long as the arrangement is amazing i'm all for her playing guitar. i definitely prefer her doing the dramatics herself but the guitar has been a cool weapon for her as of late. i'll never forget how badass she looked during candy perfume girl...that was brilliant
  12. maybe she's got ugly shins or something hehe she really does love those boots....she wears them a lot....even with that pink dress from the grammies
  13. wow that new one is just stunning! i can see that for the futuristic rave section....my god...she's gonna kill it with the costumes this time around i just hope the old school costume gets tweaked a bit...maybe she could break out the neon pumps from the borderline video
  14. so if the mixer is there that means that nobody will be able to have a seat at the front of the catwalk? that sounds weird...and unfortunate
  15. i'm dying to see what the futuristic rave costumes are like...specifically what she means by futuristic rave also if you notice...the four sections go in history order first section is kinda 70s and then the second 80's and so on just a thought
  16. don't forget RIT had that amazing stage that came down for American Life and Holiday. I thought that was pretty cool i would love a huge amount of props like that crazy tree in DWT Kylie's stage is unbelievable! The problem is...Madonna started the whole concert as theatre piece and now people are almost trumping her with their elaborate sets and stuff
  17. maybe she'll come out from the stage with rain falling on her before she sings Devil there's rain sounds in Devil right?
  18. well think about it though. The way every song on the Confessions Promo Tour was performed was almost identical to the way they were performed on the World Tour. Why is this a surprise?
  19. i think it would be cool if at one point she puts boxing gloves on and punches a punching bag while the music gets crazier and she punches harder and harder until she drops. (kind of like this tour's let it will be)
  20. i think we will see something amazing this time around.....like the moving screens from the promo tour and something new and elaborate. The screens will work well because of the stadiums but i think she is definitely going to bring us something fresh and brilliant as always
  21. i agree with you Pud...it is pretty amazing that a bad picture of her puts the entire world at ease. She's taken bad pics before....it could have been she was saying something at the time...making a face at Lourdes for some reason. people always want to break her down and make her look defeated....it's human nature she is the queen and will rise to her throne every night on stage
  22. anyone who thinks the promo tour wasn't stellar obviously did not attend the promo tour she worked her ass off for that show at roseland... fuck off doubters.....she's going to deliver like she always does
  23. that's just it....we want her to do more elaborate choreography for all the songs having her hands free works wonders
  24. wow that was so awesome to hear! she could actually sing it live somewhat...i wonder why she didn't do it live at any point yet. surely she could have done it live in RIT with her 'new' voice right? you think the band will be mostly live this time around? i would love to hear all these songs done with a live band
  25. yeah she's got to come up with something really insanely fresh for Vogue. i hope those nelly mashup rumours are just that...rumours. i wonder how much influence timbaland has with the musical direction of this tour? it seems she is borrowing from his work a lot.
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