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  1. maybe she'll name the greatest hits collection Madonna : The Beat Goes On it's very appropriate right? and she could use Beat Goes On as the promo single for it
  2. i love at the end of girl from ipanema she sings "i think they need glasses" hahah she kills me!
  3. and what is up with a-rod and his awful scarf. he looks gayer than all of my friends put together....and that's pretty gay! haha
  4. i'm so surprised that timbaland showed up. i guess they really did get along somewhat for him to agree to appear with her. pharrel is adorable i think...too bad justin couldn't make it as well. i hope this doesn't mean that any of them will be working with her again on her next album...except maybe pharrell... when the hell are they filming for the dvd? they definitely should have caught some of the guest appearances has anyone seen cameras at any show yet? i don't think so right?
  5. i wanted to go to AC but tickets were way too high for my friends. i felt bad because one of my friends missed her in nyc and really wanted to go but the cheapest were 300!
  6. guest appearance by MADIVA! i love it! but it kept freezing before the ending so i didn't catch it yet....uggh. i'll try later i guess
  7. god britney looks so much older than madonna and her outfit is so matronly...if she had a tight leather mini skirt on it might have worked but she looks awful
  8. wow....4 minutes almost sold as much as Hard Candy worldwide...that's crazy!
  9. they are making it sound like brit and jt will be on stage together but those two songs are about an hour apart in the show unless they have something completely different planned....maybe like someone said they will come out for give it 2 me god...whoever wrote that last little article is such a bitchy, bitter queen!
  10. i guess not many people went to the show in oakland last night that are on the board hehe my freind ruben went and loved it!
  11. rescue me keep it together push something to remember i want you shoo be do the look of love skin swim goodbye to innocence oh father intervention incredible dear father that's all at the top of my head right now
  12. there's really not much to scale down without changing the entire show really...maybe the catwalk would be gone and everything would happen on the main stage? if she's gonna bring part of the show she might as well bring it all i'm so happy for you australians! i think we in the states (especially in bigger cities) take for granted that she'll be somewhere nearby at some point
  13. i want the show to open with a video of rescue me without the choruses until the end when she comes in and sings them live as she comes out of a sarcophagus all mummified haha
  14. i'm still pissed she did Lucky Star at my show....uggh
  15. oh my god...tom is a friend of mine...i can't believe he did this hahah i'm gonna bust his balls about it
  16. "the fascist state of toronto" my how things have changed! have fun tonight guys!
  17. thank you so much...those pictures are remarkable! you caught her in so many iconic poses but then again...any pose she does is iconic haha i was at the Monday night show and i'm actually glad that i watched tons of youtube clips because i was kind of far up and probably wouldn't have known what was going on. i was able to enjoy the show without trying to sit still and watch everything that was going on. i just danced my ass off the entire show and lost my vioce haha. It's Thursday and I still can't speak properly. Thank god for text messaging! as a little aside i had a fun idea. im
  18. pud when did she drink from a flask? and what did the flask look like?
  19. i'll give more of a review later for sure but anyone who said this show was mediocre or whatever should cancel their membership this show was just as extraordinary as any other show she has put together i had an amazing time tonight and my only regret is that i don't have tickets to another show this time.. she is unstoppable!
  20. those comments are frightening! one question...how much did the tour book cost?
  21. god he looked yummy at the vh1 fashion awards as much of a powerful female she is...she is very traditional when she first meets a man and succumbs to his masculinity and gets all demure (ish) but then after a little bit she gets back to her rowdy self...that's definitely something i admire about her a little bit of compromise lures them in and captures them and then she bursts back out to being herself haha very kiss of the spiderwoman haha
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