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  1. i'm definitely excited for it although it does sound like it was recorded on fire island during low tea haha i'm hoping this is paul jokenfold's remix because wasn't it supposed to sound a teeny bit like holiday? i'm definitely not judging it by this snippet because the song can go so many places that a 19 second clip can't possibly show you for all we know the song could transform into five different styles of dance music and this is just the euro gay trash portion haha
  2. well thank god she wasn't injured or god forbid killed by it...people would have said she was trying to overshadow michael jackson's death what a terrible story! but some people's natural reaction to this story is even more terrible
  3. that is definitely what i regret about her cutting off stuart...he had access to some really avant garde producers like tiefschwarz (to name one) and now she's using people like oakenfold constantly...oakenfold absolutely sucks in my opinion and i hope he pulled something amazing out of his ass production wise for the new single but i am certainly worried...oakey lost his crown years ago
  4. what is the vocal ad lib that's on the rescue me radio mix? that's what i wanna know hehe
  5. the closing of the door by roisin murphy posession by sarah mclachlan leather by tori amos son of a preacher man by dusty springfield (that one is a stretch hehe) just those off the top of my head
  6. oooh i checked in at the right time.....getting the full video now...thank you!!!!
  7. funny peter i was talking about the 'overblog' image do you not see it? the barbie tea pic is at the top of my blog always hehe i'm evil what can i say?
  8. i'm really weirded out....i posted the 'revolver' promo pic/poster on my blog and when i went to look at it today... look at what is there instead....how did that happen? is it the record company trying to cover up something? i've never seen this happen before http://thecerebraljester.blogspot.com/2009...nna-teaser.html
  9. i LOVE that teaser promo pic....i hope its real!!!
  10. i was going to say that maybe its a demo that little wayne sang over and madonna will change two lyrics and claim a writing credit on it haha she needs to let people write songs for her again....and ship them over to her for her to throw her whole entertainer monolith into and spit it out as pure madonna like she did in the beginning of her career. this way she can have the pop success and then fill the rest of the album with more personal stuff... if you think about it...hung up lured people in as pure bubble gum and then the rest of the album had a darker more romantic, spiritual and de
  11. i'm having trouble downloading the snippet.... can anyone help me? pwetty pwease?
  12. as if his tour isn't going to be cancelled after one or two shows because of a mysterious illness haha it's also kind of odd for the person releasing the statement to admit that there's only one show where he will be singing live during haha...not exactly good pr hehe
  13. i thought guy gave her the horse for her birthday? hehe she looks stunning in that interview....and she's so honest and relaxed
  14. she looks absolutely amazing! where are all the bitchy, annoying cheek haters now? you can't even see them in this pic is there a smiley for that? with your thumbs in your ears and your hands flapping? hehe
  15. do any of you realize what 500,000 dollars is? it's a hell of a lot of money let's see if this story makes the front page of huffington post or not....uggh
  16. also....look up the word "orphan" it means one of your parents have died...a double orphan mean both parents have died. i love that her name is Mercy....that's awesome!
  17. i would love if she added that studio version of Impressive Instant/ Burning Up that leaked as another song or replacing Ray of Light or Hung Up. The Get Stupid Interlude will definitely change as its no longer relevant to today's politics...it would have to be altered because it is there to precede 4M in the whole idea of saving the world. The interlude there would have to be political still i think. Unless she gets rid of 4M altogether and just uses it for Vogue...i would prefer that and she does anther song instead in its place...
  18. wow..i'm impressed. i really hope she's the one doing the designing...i hate that the first assumption is that celebrities pay someone to ghost design rather than thinking they actually have the talent to do it themselves... so jaded right? hehe
  19. are all the clothes from victoria beckham? if so...she or the people she pays to design them for her are pretty talented...the dresses are hot!
  20. love it! haha i am so happy with all the images from this era...it's very Erotica...if only all the music was up to Erotica's standards. i think we are in for a major treat with the next album and all upcoming projects... i want her to name her album Like A Cougar haha
  21. maybe that will be the title of the dvd : Blame it on Rio?
  22. do you think she will change anything? my guess is no but i hope something is different
  23. i wonder though if its for the greatest hits promo will she be doing a bunch of mini shows featuring only the hits? that would be very interesting
  24. i said no...but if she changed it up a lot then maybe i'd spend the money the excitement has died down already...she's conditioned us to have even shorter attention spans so i doubt she would give us the same show anyway
  25. maybe she's going to be doing a mini tour to support the greatest hits collection? doing the sticky and sweet show again sounds really weird and unlike her...i would certainly be bored with doing the show after being on the road for so long doing it over and over again i would rather she take the time and go to australia and japan if she's going to add some dates...i always feel bad for fans that live in countries that are harder for the tour to go to. i sometimes take for granted that i live in nyc and there's no doubt she'll do a bunch of shows here
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