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  1. darn and i thought i was giving some breaking news! haha i should have known better
  2. Just when some of you counted her out....we have this! Hoping it's official!
  3. The Get Together video was gorgeous! The Jump video reminded me of early MTV which is a good thing. Celebration would have been better without that Versace wig and if they added those full dance scenes where she had the mask on her head. Don't understand why those were cut. In my opinion she's never really made a bad video. The lowkey ones accentuate the magic of the blockbusters she produces. I think the first vid this time around is gonna be fun and then she'll get really dark for the next couple. Girls Gone WIld will probably be controversial with some pussy shots of people in l
  4. 3rd Rate Venue? this is where the Hard Candy and Music promo concerts were at haha
  5. was La Coacha the one commenting on the first video? hehe I think she looks fantastic! it would be nice if she used a little conditioner once in a while though hehe
  6. is a faded smile...frozen in time

  7. god those boots must be so smelly by now....she wore them the entire tour....and the tour was extended too! haha
  8. i'd definitely like to see her try her hand at acting one more time. possibly a supporting role in a film with a great script or just a cameo in a quentin tarrantino film or something funny like that
  9. why does I'm Breathless always get left out? it's a full blown album just done in a period style to me it's her 13th studio album then
  10. i just don't want another Hard Candy album that's all...and i know a lot of diehard fans that were really disappointed with her last output myself included. there are certainly songs that shine brighter than the rest on Hard Candy but it just felt so extra forced from her but i have already made the possible conclusion that it was done just to fulfill a contract and wanted to say goodbye to warner bros on a positive note. there's enough amazing music out there for me to listen to without worrying about whether madonna's will be amazing as well but i prefer her when she's darker and deeper a
  11. all these rumours are so exciting! i really think she might have wanted to go down the gypsy romany direction but gaga snatched that up with the intro to bad romance and people would definitely say that madonna was copying even thought she had them perform live with her i think she knows she has to really produce a hot, sick sound for the next album or she's going to lose a bunch more diehard fans....she needs to stay away from what is super popular now and i think she plans on it. i hope the lead single is the only fluff on the album to draw people in and then she hits us with some amazin
  12. finally some positive upcoming producer news! i hope this one is true....medhi has a great circle that he works with! i'm happy now!
  13. has anyone ever heard "atomic food' by david guetta? the man is a genius! also his song "Higher" with Chris Willis is absolutely stunning and also his work with Juliet from his last album was hot in my opinion if she does work with him i hope she pulls out the quirky side of him rather than the kelly rowland side of him fingers crossed
  14. subhuman you should design album covers for a living!!! fantastic!
  15. god that choreography kills me!!!! i LOVE it!!! it's almost got a river dance vibe to it hahahaha
  16. the three colors also can lend itself to the marc jacobs shoot with the saturation that will be possibly be used as the cover art etc. i was really hoping for all the songs to be updated a bit with new mixes but i know most of you would freak out about that. the days of cds are over so what's the point of having a digital release with old songs on it?
  17. its gonna be perez hilton probably
  18. i'm really interested to see the choreography for the live perforamances!
  19. actually the little vocal snippets from the beginning sound like her otto days to me haha love that! the problem is....there was really only a short period of madonna's career where she was working with unknown producers...most of the time she used people that were bonafied hitmakers. she just happened to score big time with mirwais and orbit (who was really nobody new to me and most people who listened to stuff aside from the radio at the time) this is classic madonna....taking a sound a moving it up a notch by putting her vocals and delivery on it i just hope there are some classi
  20. it definitely brings flashbacks of my late 90s early 00s club days and that's a good thing. its definitely not as fire island as i thought it would be. i love a good trance song and she really never released one before. it's extremely high energy and fun i just hope her vocals are a little louder in the final version...i'm having trouble hearing my favourite voice in there
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