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  1. She will be lowered from the top of the stage in a straitjacket and dance while her arms are tied up and then she'll slowly break free....it's possible the stage will be a rubber room box like she's been put in a mental institution.... just my two cents
  2. this song is her punk rock song...only done with a thick, nasty electro house beat. LOVE! Definitely in my top 3 of the album!
  3. i could do without the silly whispering parts. aside from that it's absolutely perfect!
  4. How the hell is Lionel Richie even a contender for the charts right now???? That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. And not to be evil about it but I guarantee that if Ms. Whitney Houston died a week or two later than she did...GMAYL would have climbed a bit higher than number ten. It's a crazy thing to consider but it's the truth. I really hope that the insane amount of positive reviews for the album will help it sell but I really don't know if the age group that spends money on music is that interested in her. What demographic doesn't illegally download music right now? I would
  5. Why the heck didn't they name the tracks properly? That's absolutely ridiculous and below amateur. I'm listening to one of the TUTR mixes that is freaking KILLING ME RIGHT NOW!
  6. Actually I am listening to it right now on my computer!! woo hoo! Sorry...this is the very first Madonna album I pre ordered (i'm old) and it's such a different experience!
  7. thanks agclef. I realized that it will come through my icloud because my iTunes on my computer was associated with a different user name. I just got an iPod Touch and started a fresh account on it. So funnily i'll only be able to play MDNA on my iPod but not my computer for another month or so haha
  8. i have a different question about pre-orders since i've never done it before. I'm positive I did pre-order it because I think I got the GMAYL freebie but is there a way to check your pre-orders somewhere?
  9. this mix doesn't make sense melodically. it sounds like two songs that don't match...trying their best. if she does any version she HAS to do Guetta's mix...it was twisted! I hope she does this song just to annoy some of the annoying fans haha. i just wonder thematically whether it would work better before or after Gang Bang. I think Gang Bang should end a segment for sure. It would be interesting if she ended the show with Gang Bang. Her endings are usually happy and high energy...would be a nice twist on things. There better be drama on this tour. I don't want too many bright co
  10. this is the type of sound Hard Candy should have had. It's r n b but still has something fresh to it. Every song is so different from one another...it's pretty amazing how she accomplished that. Now GMAYL kind of fits in with the album since it's so broad. She's basically saying...you want a song like this? check. a song like this? check. a song like that? check.
  11. i just don't get how in the hell someone would compare this to Die Another Day. They couldn't be more different. I think it's going to be one of my favourites on the album. It's got a Cicada vibe to it...a sound i'll always love and never get tired of
  12. i think this might be one of the tracks I skip honestly. it's the first of the lot i'm not instantly loving
  13. it's got a sadistic sort of vibe like when Tori Amos covered Eminem's "Bonnie & Clyde". Absolutely LOVE IT!
  14. we all know the album is coming out....why is everyone so concerned about everyone else all the time? Chill...out...and...enjoy...the...ride
  15. the part where she says "I just have to DANCE" is absolutely ferocious!!! I'm really digging the new wave sound/ Daft Punkish sound this track has....it's pure brimstone!
  16. so now we have a bit of a sneak peek of what the tour stage will look like. the stage will probably open up like a box and she'll be inside...like the whole show takes place inside a molecule that will close up at the end! hehe
  17. how funny would it be if this is real? hahaha i wasn't sure when reading the comments whether somebody replaced the original pic posted with that etch a sketch one hahaha
  18. She should revamp the setlist and do I Love New York because of the Giants! ahha
  19. ditaluver....it was said with half sarcasm sorry....but i'm a madonna fan...i'm feisty! haha it's not like my comment was a Pulitzer Prize winning essay
  20. i think its kinda rude that Giampero from DrownedMadonna took the info I posted and copied it word for word in his post on his blog. He said 'a report from a Madonna Nation member'. Could have easily said my name instead. Now people are going to think he wrote the part about pushing homo magic in the faces of football fans etc. bitch slap him! haha
  21. i just heard some great Superbowl news. It seems she is definitely doing Vogue and the choreography is supposedly really intense. They hired some of the members of The House of Ninja here in NYC to do it. Have friends who know Benny Ninja and he was brought out to do it. Sounds like she's going to throw some major homo magic into the faces of football fans all across the country! Cannot wait!
  22. i love Azari and Ill! Been playing them in my sets forever. i reallly hope they remix one or two of MDNA tracks. That would be ace. Or even remix an older track too as a b-side. That's the biggest thing I'm worried about this era. The fact that her remixers have been stank as of late. Confessions had a few good remixers but Hard Candy barely had any. That freak Germanotta pays just about everyone and their mother to remix her tracks...i'm actually quite surprised some of them said yes.
  23. maybe she'll give out pills with every cd purchased and sell them at the concerts!
  24. whatever bitches.... i wish it were real now so that all of you who think its crazy for someone to think it was real have to swallow your words and like it haha i thought it would be so tongue in cheek and brilliant for her to fuck with ageism like this.
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