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  1. things are getting back to normal tomorrow somewhat in NYC....there is no way anything is happening to those shows. NYC is resilient!
  2. i'm definitely going on the 13th and am going to try my best for the 12th...either Golden Triangle or on the floor somewhere! MSG is going to explode with MDNA!
  3. to add to the whole DJ being late...they also have to break down his setup and probably do some technical resetting, move some lights, test a few things to make sure nothing goes wrong by the time she comes on. They have to pull down the huge curtain with her face on it. Sticky & Sweet didn't have an opening act when she was in the U.S. so the show started a little after 9. Besides, Madonna concerts are a full night event. Everyone trickles in after 8 and all the people who were meant to be there (had tickets) all get situated a little after 9 anyway. DJ on at 8:45ish until 9:4
  4. i just think there were so many directions they could have gone with the promotion of this album considering how many different genres and types of songs on this amazing album and they just made all the wrong choices/gambles. This song should definitely have been in the line of singles for sure. it sums up the pain of her divorce and would have made her more human in people's minds. Unfortunately they chose the most candy coated and crappy tracks to represent an amazing and dark album. Tis a shame but whatever...we all love it and that's really what matters right?
  5. isn't she dressed like the Breathless Mahoney-esque character she is playing in her movie debut? She has a tommy gun in her hand...i'm certainly not defending The Gargoyle by any means. It's still a nasty imitation attempt and probably just her victimonster passive aggression as per usual. By the way...not sure if i saw it on this forum but check out the Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth" video on youtube...you'll recognize the castle haha
  6. yes i was dead center with just like one row of people in front of me...but i'm tall so it didn't matter....just having that thurible swing over you is an out of this world experience. we smiled at each other a few times (or at least that's what i thought haha) and i know we sang some lines to Open Your Heart together and TUTR. Even though she is a teeny lady she looks so huge on stage...it's bizarre. Also, when I was in the GT it wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected and I was able to walk around and go to different areas of the pit. I had friends spread out all over so I had to make
  7. the biggest issue with this whole statement is how offended people are by the prospect that Obama could be a Muslim. That's what she just did...opened up that can of worms. Good on her!
  8. and here's my one decent video clip i took of I'm Addicted during my favourite part. The way she walks down the stairs just kills me for some reason. I love this track and performance sooooo much! Being in the pit wasn't the best spot for it though because you're looking at her back for the beginning. But i've seen it head on twice already. I've never been this apt to follow her around on tour but i've travelled quite a bit for Atlantic City and especially for D.C. Thinking about going to North Carolina after the MSG shows! haha
  9. here's some more that i uploaded to instagram already. follow me at @djchaunceyd if you like
  10. here's some of my pics from the show....all i kept saying to my friend Eric was 'oh my god...she's right there!' haha
  11. haha thanks guys...its funny you say that because when i went to put my arm around him to take the picture he pushed my arm down and put his over mine...i think it was so that he didn't look so short but it's was funny and awkward
  12. this whole show is about throwing up a big mirror into people's faces so this comment and albeit this reaction is not surprising. She knows what she's doing and she's doing it well. The woman has been around the world many times and has seen many, many things that we can't even imagine. She's done a lot of observing and she knows how to tell a story and how to make people think....well before they're ready to face any of the issues she is ready to talk about. Give The Queen of the Universe a break. She's earned her crown.
  13. i thought the praying mantis was a pin on her belt or something when i first saw this pic around the internet...but then i saw it in different places on her. Crazy!
  14. will post more pics in a bit but here's me and Monte!!!!!!!! Golden Triangle seriously changed my life...i think about her on such a higher level now
  15. i'm dealing with MDNA insomnia right now! (plus the fact that i djed last night in the east village and am still a bit tipsy) I cannot wait! Thank you Hector for announcing my Golden Triangle appearance haha!
  16. I'm going to make the trek/pilgrimage and am praying that I get into the pit...it just may happen too!!!
  17. she didn't say 'before its too late' she said 'just you wait'.
  18. i didn't win golden tix either i don't understand
  19. I managed to run into jonluvsmaddy (we ran into each other on the street after the show because he was checking out my Scooter La Forge Madonna t-shirt) and then he looked up and realized it was me haha. Great to see you Jon! Sad I didn't get a chance to meet anyone else from the forum! here are two goofy pics of me in my shirt...needless to say i made sure i was decently intoxicated before i got to the stadium
  20. I just splurged and bought a single ticket for Yankee Stadium on Saturday the 8th plus I'm going to Atlantic City the following Saturday the 15th! Woo HOOOOO!
  21. I'll be at this show too! Not sure which hotel I'm staying at but me and my friend Roman are definitely staying somewhere
  22. i loved every second of it...risked getting in trouble at work for watching it even because i couldn't possibly watch it any other time than while it was happening haha. all the songs were perfectly chosen... i love Human Nature and will always but I wish it was a better song when sung live. She should rework the whole song so she can sing it in the higher register like that one line she does (that was vocodered in Sticky & Sweet). THe song is just not that exciting to sing live because the original recorded version was kind of spoken/sung anyway. Doing Je'taime was an unexpected
  23. i like the choreography on tour but wish it was for a different song. so right about how this should have ended the show....why oh why she chose Celebration to end the show is just mindblowing. Those two songs should be switched on tour...(well i would rather Celebration just not be performed at all actually)
  24. wow...can't wait to see this interlude in person. i've not seen any clips of this online and i'm kind of glad now....need at least a few surprises!
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