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  1. I seriously wish people would stop dragging Hard Candy and MDNA through the mud all the time. They were both solid, incredibly fun albums - especially HC. Get over it, you have too many expectations.

    I'm not a fan of HC and MDNA was kinda mixed salad, but they had their bright moments too (for example Miles Away is still gorgeous and Gang Bang was something different and awesome). My biggest problem with them was that they didn't feel like true Madonna albums.

  2. Ahhhh!!! This was amazing read! Thanks for sharing! <3

    So excited about LFL remixes!! Great plan to keep the song alive till the second single drops! It's still a shame the album leaked but at least now she really has to focus on this project and marketing. She has to plan every step very carefully and really think outside the box. She had a plan, but maybe, just maybe, she will come up with even better one.

    I also loved this:

    It's extremely challenging for me working with a lot of young DJs who never can stay in one city for more than five days. So we never got to finish things. And so then I'd start things with one group of people, and then I'd start something with somebody else, and then they'd have to leave town and the other person would come back. It's a chaotic way to work. You get a lot of ideas, but there's a lot of confusion. It was challenging to keep cohesion with the sound and the direction of the record with people coming and going in a revolving door of creativity. So, I was just the person standing there with a clipboard on in the headlights, going "Ok!" (Laughs.) A little bit like a school teacher.

    She's totally in control and wants to have that cohesion with the sound!! Yes!!! This wont become another mixed salad MDNA sequel.

  3. I saw Confessions tour twice in Amsterdam (the second night was better!). Sticky & Sweet tour was the first Madonna concert in Finland and the biggest concert ever here. That record still holds. After that I saw MDNA tour when she came back to Finland.

    So 4 times. Confessions is still my favorite but I absolutely loved MDNA too!

  4. Didn't realize my post would be so controversial! I was genuinely asking what I'm not hearing in this one. I like the vocals, but find the production a little generic, like someone else said. I like songs that others don't (like "Revolution"), but I don't personally attack them. I'm not going to apologize or "go away" because some mean girls don't like my opinion. :rolleyes:

    Everyone has right to express their opinion. For Example I have never liked "Erotica" album. There, I said it. Deal with it.

  5. I'm very interested to see how this (album/single release + promotion) plays out. It's nice to have these 6 amazing tracks but she NEEDS to choose a first single and really strta this era. I would love to have 2 singles (with videos!) before the album release.

    I hope Living for Love is the first single (it simply must) and it gets an amazing video (asap). Then second single on february. Rebel Heart would be perfect because it's the title song and it's very universal.

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