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  1. I called a record store and they said the'll have the SuperDeluxe tomorrow, but asked me to call tomorrow for updates... UMArg finally anwered my messages and said they'll release both Deluxe and SuperDeluxe tomorrow! Let's see what happens tomorrow... I want my deluxe edition!!!
  2. Just saw the interview! Lovely! they have good chemistry
  3. I hate Universal Music Argentina!!!! The album is out tomorrow and STILL not a single word on what editions we'll get, or the prices.... Bastards
  4. I love how she's embracing and acknowledging all the things she's done in her career this era!
  5. Loved the performances!!! Ghosttown was even better that LeGrand Journal!!
  6. Um for some reason my streaming (rai.tv) is late. I'm on commercials now, next is Madonna
  7. That's going to be interesting and yes, that picture shoul've been the stardard album cover!
  8. Just watched Ghosttown for the first time. Oh god, it's sooooo good!!!! Loved it
  9. I need a full body shot of this picture NOW! It's fucking perfect and I want to hang it on a wall
  10. ^yeah I know, but there's two other editions we haven't see yet
  11. I was afraid the deluxe would only have b&w pictures but it looks like it won't, great!
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