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  1. Justify My Love and Erotica
  2. I think S.E.X. is kind of (?) confirmed, remember how M posted a pic of Dahi and Diamonds and called the the sex boys? At least we could assume that SEX, Trust no Bitch and Iconic have been reworked with them http://instagram.com/p/tLq38ZmEQH
  3. DJEMBA DJEMBA on fb: JUST FYI it's not a remix, it's a club edit expanding on the original song we wrote. So this would be an "extended version". Btw, he wrote the song too?
  4. Give us that remix now pleaseeee!!! So she was with him while remixing the song? #involved
  5. Give it 2 me is one of her biggest hits in Argentina, everyone knows the song, even the pope
  6. Hmmm could it be? He's hot Ps. Rocco looks so dreamy in the 3rd pic
  7. it's very hard to know! Listening to the demos I can't really imagine a rapper coming at one point, maybe Veni Vedi Vici but i'd rather having M alone in that one
  8. Imagine if we don't get the complete tracklist until the full album is released
  9. don't hate me, but personally I don't really feel Falling free. It feels kind of uninspired imo, like she just wanted to make a ROL-like-mystical-epic-closer song just for the sake of it
  10. if WAOM becomes a Devil pray kind of song it's going to be beyond amazing omg (I'll light a candle here in the dark for M, dahi and diamonds to hear my prayers)
  11. The album has 19 full songs, that's what Guy said. If it was the deluxe edition it would be labeled as deluxe. If there's a deluxe edition with even more tracks they'll most likely put and extra cd in there, i mean, if they (with no need to) did so with MDNA...
  12. Interesting read! Madonna is the most clever woman in music, she has that charm and star quality that the newest stars don't. Some may come close to her, but they're always 2 steps behind
  13. Now get to werk bitch! If she films the video this week then Traditional was right again...
  14. "I heard the angels whisper to me....look for the sun. He is the one. #Messiah" Do we think this confirms Messiah will be on the album?
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