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  1. I realised Dubtronic was THAT Dubtronic a few months ago. You are really talented D!
  2. Focusing on music shouldn't keep her from putting on an amazing classic M theatrical show. She can still do a big show while having a live band and back up singers
  3. I'm in for Steven to direct the video, but I hope he doesn't make it dark as usual with him. Ps. I've read many times in the forum that she'll be in the cover of V magazine again, where does that come from??
  4. Diplo could totally pull off a Grace jones inspired track! Count me in for that!!
  5. Oh god, this people... Do they really think Madonna has the time to create all the collages/rebel heart pics she posts?
  6. Loved reading your experiences! I became a fan in 2010, so yes, the only album I followed (apart from Rebel Heart) is MDNA. The week prior to its release my pc broke so I stayed away from any leaks. I only listened to the first 2 singles and some of the Perez hilton snippets. The release day my uncle (who is a big M fan) came home with the deluxe edition cd for me! We listened together and loved it! It was a lovely day. This time I'll probably wake up early and go buy it myself... I know it's going to be amazing too!
  7. work work work! Amazing! If they re-did the mastering of the released songs then the iTunes release is going to be a mess. Thank god I only buy physical CDs!
  8. I really love the released version of LFL as it is, but when I listen to the demo I wish she'd included the "lord lord lift me, god forgive me" and the "I NEED YA TO- up up up" parts
  9. Is the enlightenment that started it all... Love this line
  10. You shouldn't worry about the songs being different. If they are and you like the demos better, you still have them in your computer anyway. It's all Madonna in the end
  11. Amazing!!! Her arm looks a little bit too skinny but whatever. Can't wait to see the full spread!
  12. She should get Sky ferreira as the new face of Material girl. Sky would be more than pleased to pose with a lot of Madonna memorabilia
  13. God. This songs are so fucking good!!! Thinking that there's another 13 songs coming gives me chills. This album is going to be the best, I can totally feel it. I l-u-v you Madonna, thank you for this amazing music!!!! #livingforlove
  14. I'm starting to think her performance will be a surprise until last minute, like last year
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