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  1. LOVE it! If i could go back in time I'd try to hang out with her in her pre fame NYC days
  2. YThe girlie show is my favorite tour! First time I watched it I was 13, the beast within interlude and the orgy were sooooo hot -and still are- the whole show is a masterpiece but the 70s segment takes the crown!
  3. He's hot, love his eyes. A very wise move from you, M!
  4. Living for in my Schiaparelli dress! #rebelheart
  5. The album is very visual, I can picture a lot of videos: -S.E.X.: Think the movie Hostel, but instead of having a person toruture you, you have Madonna showing off her skills. She plays dress up (nurse, school girl, etc) and uses everything she finds to please herself with a guy tied up on a chair. And obviously, she'll be reading the Sex book to a bunch of 5 year olds. -Rebel Heart: M tells her story, guitar in hand, singing in a dessert or highway. Meanwhile we see scenes where Lola plays a younger Madonna arriving to NYC, her dance calsses, her first bands and first solo performances. At the end Lola is dressed in her bride dress about to enter the stage, the scene changes and we M receiving a standing o at a great stadium. -Messiah: M dressed gipsy-ish in the woods, doing her magic and drinking wine, surrounded by animals. -Unapologetic Bitch: This will be shot in Jamaica, obvs. Blond curls like she had in the red sweater RH shoot, short shorts, animal print heels, a red-yellow-green long sleeve, loose shirt and her grillz. She's riding in a bike, partying, and having fun at the beach. -Illuminati: M is throwing a celebrity only party with the people she names and more. Some scenes will show everyone dressed in white, drinking, dancing, taking pictures, and in others everyone's dressed all in black doing satanic shit.
  6. Sorry i didn't know where to post this but Donna DeLory posted a new video on youtube of her and Nikki singing Rain with the caption "Coming soon... More from Nikki and Donna". Are they gonna be on the tour???? Are they releasing a Madonna covers album????
  7. omfgg why isn't this all over the internet by now???
  8. -Cryogenics? -I'm there. Nothing new really, but I loved what she said about Lola liking Azealia Banks, good taste!
  9. So far I've been only listening to the album in its full glory, no skipped tracks, no songs on repeat. For me it's a piece of music that begins with Living For Love and ends with Rebel Heart. An amazing piece of music
  10. This is hard, but I'll try: Deeper And Deeper - This is my favorite Madonna song ever! Strong vocals, amazing house-y sound, a spanish breakdown and ever a Vogue sample!!! D&D has it all! Rescue Me - What's not to love about this one? R-E-S-C-U-E ME. And the remixes are the best thing ever to exist! Keep It Together - This song is only beated by its live version (BAT). Love love love love! This Used To Be My Playground - I'm a very nostalgic person, so this song always gets under my skin. Simple, emotional, lovely. Goodbye To Innocence - At this point my love for Shep is not a secret, is it? GTI has to be one of her best left overs from any album, ever. "There are some who say they created me, but only my parents will have that acclaim/I took it from there, I'm to blame." Frozen - This has always been a favorite of mine, even when I didn't "like" Madonna. The melody, the voice, everything is so delicate yet strong and powerful. Live To Tell - "If I ran away..." this song kills me everytime. One of her most powerful songs. Intervention - I can't really point what is it that I love so much about Intervention, but from the first time I heard it I fell in love. Give It 2 Me - YEAH! So empowering! Not that crazy about the production, but the lyrics elevates it a lot. Like A Prayer - LAP needs no introduction. Love both the original album version and Shep's TIC remix.
  11. I was actually disapointed by this song. After all the praise it got here... Too hyped. It wasn't all that perfect for me. The lyrics are good, the "may god bless you all" sample is amazing, but the melody and production don't work for me. It lacks emotion and drama! I wanted to cry my eyes out to Queen but I was left underwhelmed
  12. Sky is the best ever!!!!!! She posted a pic of some guys dressed like the Nothing Really Matters video this halloween
  13. Hmm, I didn't think about it before, but if you replace the edm parts of the production with some electric guitars you could pass it as a Celebrity Skin track!
  14. yeah maybe it's for the Ellen show after all, but this era you never know what's going to happen...
  15. this is one of my least favorites, but i keep coming back to it for the "I would drive to the ends of time for youuu" part
  16. Ok, so basically I NEED a S.E.X. video in my life. I want her to read the Sex book to a bunch of 5 year olds in a scene. She would make shocked faces while the kids roll their eyes like saying "we've seen worse things than that" and also I want to see Madonna in a nurse costume!!!!
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