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  1. omg I loved the first demo but I'm not listening to this one. If the new demo is that good as you guys say then the final version is gonna slay seriously hard!
  2. Great! Damn it's going to be a hard weekend, I wanna wait till I have the album in my hands to listen to it, so I better stay away from the internet the days before the 10th lol
  3. Veni Vedi Vici gets my vote! I'm also really glad about S.E.X. and Messiah but they were more obvious
  4. I think Avicii is mentioned in Madonna.com's press release because he wrote a lot of songs with her, but production wise I don't think there'll be any trace of him
  5. "Confessions of a music junkie" consider me DEATH
  6. Mmmm, Warner may have had a voice, but I don't think Interscope would dare to tell Madonna (THE Madonna...) what to put on her album and what not to...
  7. "her radar can be so off sometimes" oh god... #no #respect #bitchshesmadonna
  8. they don't even need to use her name! Those eyes and lips speak for themselves
  9. We're probably going to get the interview/pictures in a few days!!! (before the 27th)
  10. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Can't wait to read the interview! I don't know how yet but I will have this in my hands! It's too good to miss it!
  11. It looks so perfect! I love how this album has already more promo than MDNA and it hasn't been released yet lol
  12. OK OMG forget what I said. I fixed the image quality and now I can totally see it omg M you look so good!!!! This has to be one of her best mag cover!!!! Is that a septum piercing I'm seeing??? Omfg it's too much
  13. OMFGGG IS THAT M??? Ugh I can't see it well since I'm on my phone!! But it looks good!
  14. what do guys think Madonnarama is talking about when they said "teasers"? Teasers from the video? Snippets from the album?
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