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  1. Omgg!!!! I hope someone transcribes the interview asap!!!
  2. all of this special editions are just too much
  3. From MTV: Watch out, Kevin Bacon — your “six degrees of separation” throne has been thoroughly usurped. The newest dude to bear that crown is connected to just about every heavy-hitter in the music industry, and we don’t even have to count as high as six to prove it. Yup, Ariel Rechtshaid is all over basically every record you may have dug these past few years — and probably a good portion of those you’re going to love by 2015′s end. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s rattle off just a few of the names the Grammy-nominated producer, musician, writer and all-around Renaissance man has worked with over the past few years: Beyoncé, Madonna, Usher, HAIM — do I need to go on? Or do any of those groupings of letters ring bells? That’s what I thought. And that’s only a smattering of the talent that Rechtshaid has leant his…well, talents to. Before heading into the studio to start work on Sky Ferreira‘s next record (!!!), Rechtshaid took some time out to tell MTV News what he’s learned from some of his most high-profile collaborators. Eat your heart out, Kevin Bacon. From Madonna, He Learned What’s In A Name “I kept calling her ‘Madonna’ — just, ‘Hey Madonna’ and whatever. Every time she would kind of look at me funny. After a while she was like, ‘Why do you keep calling me that?’ I’m like, ‘Calling you what?’ And she says, ‘Calling me Madonna, nobody calls me that.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean? What do people call you?’ She’s like, ‘Umm, M. People call me M.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, alright! Well, anyway, let’s do some vocals, Madonna.’” http://www.mtv.com/news/2057956/ariel-rechtshaid-interview-beyonce-parrot/?fb_ref=fbshare_web
  4. Madonna is the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit
  5. In no particular order: Vogue VMAs Hung Up EMAs Sooner Or Later Oscars Super Bowl Like A Virgin VMAs Fever/Bad Girl SNL Nothing Really Matters Grammys Little Star Oprah Bedtime Story Brits Ray Of Light/Shanti VMAs
  6. I'm having a moment with LFL right now. How come this songs sounds better and better every time I listen to it????
  7. the not so cute part is that march 10 will also involve a lot of nervious sweating lol
  8. This album (the 6 released songs alone) are turning a girl I know who's a little mongster (and one of those "omg she's so mean and bullies gaga") into a motherfucker. And I'm not exaggerating
  9. Bitch, I'm M. At first I felt a little let down by her verse but now it's EVERYTHING
  10. Alternative trap post-industrial-dubstep ambiental dance pop
  11. I'll wake up (will I sleep at all?) and go straight to my record shop. I'll take a bus home with the CD on my hands and a giant smile on my face. Then, when I get home I'll open it and study the booklet while enjoying of this album in its finished and full glory for the first time. After that I'll be dead.
  12. I imagine the interviews will be taped next week since mtribe said she would start promo next week. can't wait to see her look! and of course to see the interviews but that'll take longer
  13. Germany will be one of the first countries to get the new album as Rebel Heart will be out Friday, March 6th. The following formats are planned for the German market (which is likely to mean that they will be the ones available in most of Europe): Rebel Heart – Standard (14 tracks) Rebel Heart – Deluxe (19 tracks) Rebel Heart – Super Deluxe Box [25 tracks) Rebel Heart – Vinyl LP (19 tracks) The final tracklistings will be available soon as wekk as the pre order for the deluxe versions on iTunes Germany. Universal Music Germany plans to release a pyhsical 2-Track CD-Single for Living for Love. Universal also told Spotlight that rumours about touring and performances in German television are not true. The promotion in Germany will start with interviews to be taped in New York City for German television, with one of the confirmed networks being RTL. -MadonnaTribe
  14. ^My guess is that she'll be on the march issue
  15. Can't wait for the first review!! It would be awsome if she does an interview with the mag too Couldn't they just use a poster with the actual cover? lol but it is very original
  16. I hope they put some more copies online for the fans that didn't get to order it
  17. it sold out so fast? Damn, she really is the QUEEN of music, life and the universe! #godblesstraditionalpromo
  18. ^"I wanna read you in paris... I wanna hold your pages in rome. I wanna read naked in a rainstorm"
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