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  1. Oh god the meltdowns over the stupid standard edition. Just buy the 19 track edition and enjoy the music. So far, this era is a dream: 19 new songs (or more?), magazine covers, tv interviews, Grammy performance (maybe Brits too!) and much more to come...
  2. Just as long as the 19 track album is in one CD I don't care which songs are skipped on the 14track one!
  3. If they release a different version of LFL as single does it chart as if it was the "same song" as the already released one or it starts from zero?
  4. I really like the song but like you said, it's one of my least favorites on the album. On the live version there's a part that reminds me a lot of Nothing Fails, has anyone else noticed that?
  5. I have the feeling Wash All Over Me is going to be brilliant
  6. Maybe they wanted to avoid comparisons with Kiesza's Hideaway? Although they could've fixed that by changing the last seconds of the choruses just a little, like they did on the final version
  7. She said she likes more the "deep house/take-you-to-1989" version of LFL, is she talking about the leaked demo?
  8. "Yes. Look for me in the subway." Love her! Can't wait to hear the final version of WAOM!!!
  9. Aparently she's going to be in Australian tv! https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaAustralia/posts/767964609959152
  10. I don't think it's from the video, maybe she was doing some interviews?
  11. Well, in 2 days we're gonna get the full interview without a doubt!
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