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    What, people are now saying Fall/Autumn release for the album ??

    Although we have no official announcements, it's pretty safe to say that the album she started a year ago is finished.

    Spring release at the latest, she already has plans for Summer (Pride appearance) and the Tour will kick off in Autumn.

    She won't start promoting an album the same time as she goes on tour :chuckle:

    I'm still optimistic that we will get the first single in February.

  2. So glad that Emmanuel Adjei is now confirmed as the music video producer!

    As soon as I heard this news a couple of weeks ago and looked him up I knew he would be perfect for Madonna.

    They will make some #magic together for sure.

    Word is out now that there will be a traditional lead single released first then around 3 weeks later a buzz single will be released for "another market".


  3. 4 hours ago, rebelheart said:

    The translated article said this info :

    - The album is basically finished, they are now set to work on the visual aspect of the album, like album artwork/cover etc.

    - No promo is scheduled yet.

    - Album due in first half of 2019. 

    - Anitta is featured on the track Faz Gostosco which is produced by Mirwais. 

    - Madonna sings in Portuguese on the track "Batuka".

    -  The tour is being discussed. 


    Thank you!

    Finally some real information instead of chinese whispers.

    Looking forward to hearing Batuka sung in Portuguese, I'm sure she has done a great job.

  4. Most of the info we are getting from these "insiders" is stuff we already know or could piece together from all the IG posts over the past few months.

    "Killers" is killer :chuckle:

    no angry songs, perfect for the summer... yes I can't wait to hear happy pop songs "Beautiful Game" and  "Dark Ballet" :lmao:

    I'm looking forward to January and hopefully some real official news.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Why are people already implying that the singles will be " subpar"  before they have even  heard any part of them ?  The hand wringing and worrying is starting already before we even know anything concrete.  Why do so many Madonna fans do this. Happens with every single album. What is making this thread so frustrating. 

    Agreed, I  can't see why she can't release 2 amazing singles at the same time. I have a feeling this album will be all killer and no filler!

    I think the wait is making some people go a bit koo koo!

    This just in:

    I'm so happy that it seems like Nakhane is still likely to make an appearance on the album!

    And Mykki Bianco !



    Well the rumour of two singles released simultaneously has also been teased by an "insider".

    the "insider" on Popjustice is "ragazzo", similar to "mensch" here, no one questions that he isn't telling the truth and he sees to be reliable and has provided info in the past.

    recap on these "insider" rumours:

    First single/s will be possibly two different songs released the same day, one feat Anitta for the Latin market.

    possible TV appearances to coincide with those singles.

    Album coming Q2 (not Q1)

    "out of the box" something later 









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