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  1. Lol at some of you even believing it well done Stephen
  2. did you really NEVER heard of Lies In Your Eyes? a supposed track by M from Vision Quest that's been around forever. It's not M but it def has a Madonna feel to it:
  3. lol exactly they are available on viagogo, just click on the part of the arena you'd like to be seated and you'll get the prices: http://www.viagogo.co.uk/Concert-Tickets/Rock-and-Pop/Madonna-Tickets/E-889377
  4. how can London be sold-out if the cheapest ticket i found is £299??? some of the seats along the runaway sell for £1000!! how can they expect to sell out unless they cut the prices? i am a super fan but i would never pay those prices.
  5. What does she say in the beginning? It's hoooooooooooot SEX (Whispers something) ... Gimme me more?
  6. Nah it's not M. Probably is some girl who is wearing the outfit M wanted for the Met Gala last year and they are using it for a photoshopt? The frontal one with the white stripes around is def M, she posted it on her jnstagram ages ago saying Anne Wintour didnt want her to wear it lol
  7. I have the feeling that it will be released as a single featuring Drake
  8. I actually stopped listening to it for 3 days and then started listening again. You'll love it and appreciate even more afterwards
  9. e gia' era ora! Madonna and Paris together
  10. wonderful performance. love the remix and she looks straight from the golden era of Hollywood.
  11. this track is finally available on Itunes UK, so i listened to it for the first time today it's becoming one of my favorites. such a cute little track!! i had it on repeat all day! LOVE IS PAIN, AND PAIN IS ART! SHOW ME YOUR GRAFFITI HEEEEEART! it puts a smile on my face, i love it
  12. Ghosttown Body Shop Wash All Over Me Inside Out Joanne Of Arc/Devil Pray
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