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  1. Bono was at Madonna's birthday party this Summer, i imagine negotiations have been going on since quite some time and they just decided to make it public now.
  2. i think it is actually easier for her to score a big hit now than 5 years ago...all that Youtube/Spotify streaming counting towards charts, deals to be made, younger generations more aware of her now than in the past etc etc...she managed to get a top 10 with GMAYL ( and if i am not wrong it would have charted higher if it wasn't for I Will Always Love You re-entering the chart after W died) imagine with a proper strong first single and some payola here and there
  3. i HATE when i read this kind of comments implying that M's fans are ALL wealthy middle aged gay men. This may be the case in the US but in Europe and South America the average age of her followers is considerably lower
  4. i wouldn't care but as a fan i would love her to have a huge ww hit again a la 4M or HU
  5. maybe he just said that to get some buzz on and nothing really happened lol his music on that soundcloud link is not so great tbh https://soundcloud.com/kylecordova
  6. lol she is either fashionably late as always or she just does not get how to use Tumbrl
  7. have you ever tried to send it to Guy Oseary? it's sooo cute
  8. simple: no payola for it. Perez Hilton was invited to the party and yet he did not talk once of it. Nobody cared as it was not a musical project and there was no promotion too. When other artists launched similar projects they booked interviews with Oprah or Elle, M simply did nothing for it. She is promoting it her own way now using social media. I applaud her for the passion and time she is putting into it
  9. Like a Virgin Ray Of Light Music Gang Bang
  10. i like One More Chance ( never got the hate for it tbh ) Jimmy Jimmy, Love Makes the World Go Round and i even like Birthday Song and Superstar! I think it is safe to assume that apart of few exceptions in every M album there's a very silly track recorded just for fun
  11. what a question obviously MDNA. Artpop is a mess from beginning to end. i couldn't make it through most of the tracks.
  12. I cannot just pick one track up there are too many Music Don't Tell Me Hollywood Nothing Fails Intervention Hung Up Get Together Future Lovers Voices Gang Bang
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