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  1. I cannot stay awake so late so i'll have to watch it tomorrow! i'm sure it will be wonderful.
  2. sorry but i have to re-post the pic. her face is SO Confessions Tour Also, did you notice how dirty her white shirt is? It looks like they will probably re-create something a bit elaborate that we will see in the video and this is the costume for it
  3. from my personal experience i'd say ex-fans
  4. I think she'll pay dust to MDNA but i would love her to perform BK
  5. ugh I can't wait to have news on the video
  6. as of now is one of my favorites! can't wait for more performances, tv shows and Ghosttown video
  7. I think she will open with a older track, I have this feeling. Something cinematic like Bedtime Story
  8. At least Warner was making sure she had a massive first single and her second sigles were always successfull outside the US. the main reason her albums and songs are not performing anymore is because she is signed to Interscope. Yeah the market is not like the one it used to be etc but things went downhill after she departed from W. Do you think we would have had MDNA in its final form under Warner? No, we wouldnt. Do you really think GMaYL would have been the first single? No obvs.
  9. he looks very good in person, i have mixed views about him though.
  10. why this thread. some people really need to trip the station, change the channel and breath a bit of fresh air
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