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  1. horrible news. @Jazzy Jan it seems like Melbourne is the place in Australia were these horrible acts seem to happen the most?
  2. Are you aware that Steven Klein loved that pic and showed it to Madonna as well? He was fascinated by the creativity of her fans. I think he mentioned it in an interview ages ago.
  3. Hi, i have not been posting for a while now but still read the threads. Would my account be considered for cancellation?

  4. do you post just your negative mantra only? each and every one of your posts is just to underline how bad she is performing. we got it.
  5. i totally forgot about the MET Gala. I hope she will be there.
  6. he does what he wants with his face and the money he earns. i don't see the problem with it.
  7. When i got my pre-sale code i noticed that Singapore was listed amongst the cities the tour would cover. Am i the only one who noticed it? I'm sure i did not imagine it
  8. she said she would never do a full on rock album, so i guess we will never get it.
  9. it's nice for once someone is actually complimenting her music too. Many times i have the impression that other popstars are impressed by what she accomplished rather than her music. They never mention it - obviously they don't have to be fan of it.
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