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  1. The owners of that forum used to have contacts at WB Italy back in the day, hence why they had all of those exclusives years ago. I would not rule out the possibility that they are getting news from someone at Interscope.
  2. if Madonna will indeed perform there, then ESC will become a regular platform for big artists to promote their new material. Others will follow up.
  3. Mensch how was she up close? What was the general consensus of the people there?
  4. i don't condone violence, chaos and extremism but i love how french people don't just lure behind a keyboard and complain, but still go out and protest to make their voice heard.
  5. ugh. can we close this thread and start a new one.
  6. That's available for Premium accounts only though. You need to pay extra for it.
  7. There is a certain category of people, not uncommon on this forum as well, that just lurks on the internet waiting to get offended.
  8. ugh just give us the album! i can't wait anymore
  9. this was for the release of that roller thing. It was included in the PR package that was sent to beauty influencers.
  10. ugh, que cabron. Typical spanish mentality. A Muslim went on a rampage and killed people and what you do? you criticize Christianity. It's because of people like you that the issue with Islamic doctrine will never be discussed. Read again your message, you openly criticize a religion that has nothing to do with what happened but say nothing about the religion followed by the assassin. cabron.
  11. NO. Do not talk of things you have no idea about and stop spreading lies. it's the STRICT and literal interpretation of the Quran and the Hadith, the life of Mohammad, that is causing this issues. He was the first one decapitating Jews and Christians and calling for Jihad. His followers are just replicating what he did which was extremely different to what Jesus or Buddha were doing or trying to achieve. I do agree that the majority of Muslims is far from this mentality, actually the nicest people i know are Muslims colleagues and friends. Unfortunately they are not allowed to criticize their religion and to ask for change in their doctrine, hence why these episodes happen and will continue to happen.
  12. FINALLY we hear a little new music and she basically leaked the song titles ...the wait is killing me i need this record now.
  13. Poor him, he called Australia home and died at the hands of a fanatic. Rip to him and any other victim.
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