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  1. I was born in '84, and became a fan during ROL. I wasn't aware of Madonna before Frozen, really. I mean, I knew she was someone, an important artist, just like Michael, but she was off my radar honestly.. I had no idea what songs she sang or what kind of music she did. Until the day I saw the Frozen video on MTV. I can still remember how fascinated I was by it: the song, the haunting video....

    Then I bought the ROL album, but it wasn't until Music that I really got hooked on into the universe of Madonna: I started buying her old albums, but I remember thinking not much of it was something I would listen to (never been a big fan of her 80s stuff).

  2. Frozen is also the reason I became a Madonna fan. I was completely taken by the breathtaking video, the greater-than-life music, especially those percussions, and Madonna's voice... I stayed under this enchantment all the way through Music and American Life. Then, with Confessions, it all kind of started to cool off. I loved it, yes, but it wasn't the same. Then HC and MDNA came and... well... I'm still here, so I love the woman :laugh: , but I will never forget the excitement of buying the Frozen single. I was 14 years old then....

  3. Noo, it's a very different sexuality, but the album is ripe with it. Skin and Candy Perfume Girl are just bursting with raw earth mother full breasted deep sexuality. I find them some of her most intrinsically sexual, sensual songs. They aren't overt, but it's very strong.

    100% Agreed!

  4. Why not a 2nd leg full of intimate and small shows like the one she did at L'Olympia? A sort of MDNA intimate and live kinda show... would be a cool IMO! Plus, she can milk it by releasing the acoustic version of Love Spent as a single (LOL, I know, I know... :laugh: )

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