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  1. 5 minutes ago, ULIZOS said:

    I hate him, but it's true what he says. Mexico's top officials are in Washington as of today discussing US-Mexico Relations with U.S. top officials and the asshole Trump chooses today to sign the executive order to start building the wall. It's incredibly offensive and shows that Trump doesn't give a shit about anything / anyone. He's just going to run his government doing whatever the fuck he wants and threaten alienating the U.S. from the rest of the world. 

    If that's what people in the U.S. want, more power to you guys. The wall is going to fix NOTHING. 

    I hate him too, I think he's incapable of a coherent, decent and intelligent action. But at least in this instance he's posture has been strong and this message is a good surprise. The last 24 hours and the next days are going to be decisive in the relationship between the two countries. 

    Agreed that the wall is not going to fix anything. Good for them if they build it, but not to the expense of the poorest sector of the Mexican population. 

    Who is going to be the work force to build it??? 


  2. 6 hours ago, Hector said:


    There's has been a lot of tension during the campaign as we know, but now the uncertainty has the country in an altered state... There's a thousan scenarios floating around. I know the world is affected by this, but Mexico has been one of the focal points of this hate-campaign-ideology...

  3. It was the only progressive and smart move from president Peña Nieto, then his governors started to loose some elections due to their unimaginable level of corruption, but instead of accepting that they blamed the bill proposed by their own president, as it was to modern and not within the morality of Mexican society so they were loosing states, so now the proposed bill has to go trough congress after being accepted by the Supreme Court as a human right. In the end I think that the Mexican society doesn't give a fuck about it 

  4. Since he's at like 20 percent approval, knows he prob won't get reelected so reeks from Bannon Inc. paying him off to 'look weak', not defend himself, speak against Trump. Every gut feeling is telling me that. His team is the lowest.

    There's no reelection in Mexico, and we know (hope) that Trump is not going to win the election, so there's no apparent reason to have this humiliating meeting at all. You are right about his approval ratings, but this move looks like it's going to bring them lower. Peña Nieto even said that trumps words were only misinterpretations!

    Hillary was not happy at all about this

  5. It seems that we have to be very aware of our sorroundings more than ever.

    If we are in developing or troubled countries even if we are Europe or the US. I was beaten once in south beach Miami because being gay coming out of Salvation Club. Funny salvation > beaten. A group of straight gays made fun of me and boyfriend as we walked with our faces dripping blood.

    Hope everything develops fine in your case.


  6. ^ Most welcome, Alain. :smile:

    Back of jacket with image of Frida from clip in link. https://twitter.com/LuisNarcio/status/685382338600017920


    edit: better pic just showed up. From M's dresser, Tony. Link


    Thank u! 😀

    The owner of the jacket showed it to her as it appeared in the monitors and she said that she liked it, then some minutes later she was wearing it asking if she should take the hat off or not.

    The unapologetic bitch was not as engaging as the night before that she had to say come on Mexico don't fall asleep on me now! 😂

  7. Great night, she spoke a lot in Spanish and was in a great mood, Mexico loves her!

    she seamed to hurt her eye with the Spanish hat.

    She asked for someone's jacket that had some image of her.

    The unapologetic bitch was not fun at all, he was hot though.

    The crowd was good but not as the first night.

    Had an amazing time in my third and final RHT

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