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  1. :clap: She is giving us a glimpse of the Secret Project in such a subtle, gentle way, unlike Steven Klein .

    She waited for the right time, and is letting the images speak, instead of blabbing for months about basically nothing.

    I love her :wow:

  2. Madonna is talking about a revolution.

    Maybe she's the master mind of the project and not just a featured atist. that's why her role may be much bigger than the rest (whoever they are).

    After all, she's been on something with Steven klein since last November or even before.

    I think we are in for a big surprise.

  3. The monsters today are in heaven after Steven kissed Gaga ass all day yesterday. They consider this a diss towards Madonna!

    I lost all respect I had to Steven, he refused to call out Gaga's monsters, instead advising M's fans to take the high road.

    Why is he so far up Caca's ass?

    I hope Madonna is done with him.

  4. Twitter is hilarious.

    Tonight Madonna fans were in a meltdown mode ever since Steven said more people are involved.

    LOL at the tweets to Steven:

    'don't forget who is your number 1 artist Steven',

    'Steven if Madonna has a small part I'm hanging myself'.

    I love all that devotion.

    We forget though that Steven reached out to other artists the same day he revealed the secret project. Sure, Madonna was the first artist he named, but the Buenos Aires shoot was probably only the first stage of the project.

  5. ^LOL Lucky guy.

    Now I get it, Gaga is doing what Gaga does best. She's sending Steven gifts and buying herself some love, and some time later we hear from Steven how wonderful she is. ugh she makes me ill.

    The monsters are in heaven now.

  6. People seem to do it all the time now. kill excitement of all kind with skepticism and doubt to avoid disappointment.

    It's probably the curse of the Internet. People became so jaded...

    I'm sure it wasn't like this when Madonna released her Sex book.

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