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  1. Exactly, she is a true dancer...the EY choreo is one of the best examples of her timing, athleticism and skills as a dancer. EVERY move is perfect. Anyway, back to Old Ma Harris and her cock-ups...
  2. Very true. Apologies for posting this rancid creature, but at least Niki tried
  3. I know, I was utterly floored... could happen again Enough with the long BIM extensions! I want the Versace hair.
  4. I just wanna see her in her opening outfit So much goodness coming our way!
  5. Definitely... God that film gave me the heebeejeebees as a child I'm still not sure whether this is a backdrop video or the actual performance itself
  6. Ah yeh Well done Crom and Moka! Still, time for Nothing Really Matters and Skin to make it into a tour.
  7. Has she performed any Ray of Light tracks (apart from the title track) since 2004? Edit: Nope, just Drowned World on Confessions.
  8. Yeh, I watched that last night..it was so high up M has no fear of heights
  9. I think a lot of us had a very bad feeling seconds before it happened, but you're right..the RECOVERY was astounding. I love Dangerdonna
  10. Was merely a response to the Esther-detractors who had infiltrated your celebration of the wonderful Esther.
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