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  1. I've noticed that the most negative comments are coming from females about her age.. some girls, eh?
  2. It's so nice to see this page with the album doing so well with reviews .. Good work, M. My link
  3. Superstar is fantastic. The only filler for me is B-Day song - but glad to have it on there. This really is the best album she's done since Erotica
  4. I hope I'm Addicted is released to coincide with the tour
  5. Agreed. Also a bit of Depeche Mode and Air.. just love it's meandering chorus production.
  6. The hands-down winner on an album of great tracks for me. In my top 10 M tracks of all time. Is it too much to ask for a single and video release?
  7. I'm Addicted Love Spent Gang Bang ..instant classics
  8. So pleased she's brought some artistic value back to her videos. Love the dance reminiscent of Vogue. Hair is wayyy better..hope she has it like this for the tour.
  9. Yep, my favourite.. the MDMA chant is great and the Future Lovers chords make an appearance. Would love this for a single choice.
  10. I love the chord structure of Future Lovers that is mixed in on the stomping I'm Addicted.
  11. This album is gonna be remembered as one of her greats. It's all about I'm Addicted and Gang Bang for me tho
  12. Smoking AND a gun, you're right! This album is definitely in the same league as Like A Prayer and Erotica IMO... We asked and Madge completely delivered We just need lots of awesome music videos...why not 10?!
  13. Bette can't stop listening to I'm Addicted
  14. The relief that this album is amazing..
  15. I'm Addicted is flawless... MUST be a single
  16. Madonna, you fuckin pulled it out the bag. Gawd bless ya!
  17. I should never have doubted her ..sorry M!
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