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  1. Why are people surprised that some of the mainstream media don't get the Secret Project? It is way above their level of understanding - their's is a bitter world of writing stories about M's 'old' hands or slavishly promoting vacant pop tarts. M, rightly, doesn't give a flying fuck about them...and nor should we. The film, interview and performance are exactly how I like my Madonna... Over most people's heads
  2. Where's that gif of Gaga on tour 'dancing' in a circle like an elephant holding onto her dancer's feet ? :laugh: That says it all
  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that she lit that ciggie MDNA was just the best and she is the Queen of the Universe
  4. The Laidback Luke (feat. Far East Movement) remix is really quite great. :clap:
  5. nope.. still got error message. what kind of shoddy company is LoveLiveTV??!
  6. They really shouldn't announce it as LIVE when its not.
  7. This stupid cunt of a journalist Jane Fryer at the Daily Mail thinks Like A Virgin is Express Yourself. http://www.dailymail...arrassment.html
  8. She looks great and I'm glad she made the effort - but what the hell is with the editing? Just really bad.
  9. Shocking mis-management by Interscope. Just unbelievable - every decision they have made has been so wrong. Was it too much to expect a UK release to coincide with the UK shows? Seems so.
  10. Second best Express Yourself performance. BA version is the ultimate M performance in my opinion. Just breathtaking.
  11. So weird seeing M shooting a video out 'n' about. It's usually behind closed doors. LOVE IT.
  12. Brilliant performance. Love her vocals and the 'single/video version' musical flourishes from Shep.
  13. As mentioned before, I'm just really pleased she's making an effort with the videos so far this album..go on M, just do two more for Gang Bang and I'm Addicted/Beautiful Killer.
  14. I think it would be a big FUCK YOU to her fans is she did NOT do a Gang Bang video. I demand a 10 minute, story-driven epic. TUTR video is looking good so far, but picking people up in her car seems a bit lame. The tits and hair are perfect tho
  15. Wow..she looks good with the red lips and that Gaultier costume is perfect during Vogue! New choreography for it too. ..and no gloves!!
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