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  1. Yeh, good point about the uncommon pairings..hmmm Dear Jessie/Yesterday mash-up???
  2. Yeh, as much as I would love to see M with the remaining Beatles, I think Dollhouse is spot on..it would cement her in that tricky 'legacy' position. Shame it's not with Daft Punk. Oh well, I think unfortunately it's gonna be the equally abysmal Perry or Beyonce.. but fuck it, Madonna is gonna be performing!
  3. The Mail is reporting this: Earlier this month, two Los Angeles Times sources 'with knowledge of the plans' said Madonna was going to join Beyoncé onstage LA's Staples Center Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2545362/Madonna-posts-Instagram-hinting-shes-performing-Grammy-Awards-Sunday.html#ixzz2rKoO5BNb Please no! Beyonce and her music are so vapid and dull.
  4. The Immaculate Collection - always and forever. The Pettibone remixes, artwork, concept are just brilliant Celebration was..shit.
  5. No M, please not that dim bitch with her awful kiddy Disney music.
  6. My God, this is one of the most pathetic things I've ever read.
  7. Me neither! Come on M..give us something special. ..but PLEASE not with that goggle-eyed Perry creature.
  8. Just heard the great news.. Bitch better perform with someone of substance not one of these vacant pop tarts.
  9. Erotica - yup, those scratches and that bassline is unbeatable. I love this site..always so much love for Erotica
  10. Seconded.. BAT was a box of delights and definitely the best. The Express Yourself running man is also legendary
  11. 1989, right after seeing this...all the good stuff was just on it's way.
  12. 1. Erotica 2. Express Yourself 3. Vogue 4. Frozen 5. Bedtime Story 6. Future Lovers 7. Paradise (Not For Me) 8. Oh Father 9. American Life 10. I'm Addicted
  13. Hehe, no..it ended up like this. Ultimate hair..ultimate tour.
  14. Awful unfunny sketch.. but M looked fucking amazing in the pinstripe suit... and no gloves!
  15. Spot on. M handled it perfectly and i'm so glad this repulsive fraud has been exposed for the fake that it is.
  16. Astrology is bullshit. Give it up.. M had plenty of input in Celebration. Back on topic, the album version of this song is spectacular.
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