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  1. Yeh, Macklemore are an infinitely better-fitting collab than that goggle-eyed Perry creature or Boreoncé. I can't wait!
  2. Imagine the meltdown.. I wonder if she is actually singing the Mary Lambert vocals or is going to be a wedding entertainment 'interlude' on her own
  3. Hmm..makes me think of the net 'veil' she wore on her Instagram pic,
  4. Queen That Grammy's article said she is rehearsing Saturday night...that's now..
  5. Imagine if she does do a solo performance...with straight hair
  6. Yep definitely ..must have been the stress of being with that plank Guy.. oh, and the eyebrows gawn.
  7. Wow..she looked amazing there in 2001 with that hair and outfit
  8. Fingers crossed! ..but Crow-donna has plenty of fans on here I don't think she'll have the grillz..and M, get your hair straighteners out..we dont want no granny 'do'.
  9. Will be interesting to hear her voice on this..come on M, bring out those 'Lament' vocals!
  10. 80s Album: Like a Prayer Song: Express Yourself (Shep) / Vogue 90s Album: Erotica Song: Erotica 00s Album: Confessions Song: Future Lovers - great to see the love for this amazing track. 10s Album: MDNA Song: I'm Addicted
  11. Here's hoping that she's learnt a few lessons regarding promo The Grammy's will be good practice.
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