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  1. So you're telling me, Obama WILLFULLY funded terriosm? That this was something that he did so that people could suffer? Is this what you guys are saying?
  2. If you knew about it you wouldn't be making excuses for a racist and racist behavior.
  3. Wow. This is just...laughable. white people telling black people what they shouldn't be offended by and screaming "look at the context" when this woman underhandedly enforced negative BLACK stereotypes saying these students would end up being shot or "gangsters" because they weren't listening. This is why you can't talk to white people about race!
  4. Yes it does matter. You guys are showing your true colors. Half of you all here are racist trash and I'm embarrassed I even step foot in this place and called it home.
  5. Excuse me? Are you people serious? So if this teacher said to you a student that you were going to be a faggot who would get raped you'd be okay with it? You would deserve it right? Since you weren't listening I mean it's okay to be called a slur fucking ridiculous lol
  6. Yes it does lol you're making excuses for a racist who had predetermined feelings about a black students. LOL goodbye I've taught students before. I've never resorted to calling them names when they wouldn't listen. It's called self control. not talking about race here anymore you all are unbelievable! Starting to believe you're racist too!
  7. Are you black? If not then I doubt you understand how offensive her rhetoric was. Like I said, there are other ways to get students to listen to you. Her shouting these remarks aren't going to make them respect her any more. as a teacher there is a certain demeanor that you have to keep in front of your students. Showing weakness drives them to disbehave more. Isolate the students who are misbehaving and making a choice not to learn and teach the students who aren't. Simple as that.
  8. If these students were white would they still be "gangsters" who got shot if they didn't listen? Think about that.
  9. Well then that's their choice. There's no "message" in what she said. Period. She's a racist white woman who feels entitled to say whatever she wants to say because students aren't listening to her. If she wants to teach good "respectful" students she should ask to be put somewhere else or get another job at a better school. I don't give a fuck. A white person calling a black person nigger is RACIST. IT. IS. RACIST. Maybe if the government did a better job of improving the quality of schools in areas where this is prone to happen students would do a better job at learning. I know for a FACT th
  10. Well then she's dumb as shit and complacent with a t acher being blatantly racist. This teacher obviously wasn't skilled enough to keep her students in check and got angry about it. There is absolutely NO justification for a white person calling a black person nigger. NONE. I don't give a fuck what the mother said
  11. But it's his opinion. If you don't like it fuck off and block him but don't criticize him because you don't agree. agaiin you morherfuckers are turning me tf away from this forum! Oh Bitch!
  12. But it's his opinion. If you don't like it fuck off and block him but don't criticize him because you don't agree. agaiin you motherfuckers are turning me tf away from this forum! Just fucking insane
  13. Why are you so insensitive??? Jesus Christ leave people alone
  14. If he presented his opinion with a respectable approach I'd be open for participating in debate but he's being IGNORANT! That's not being a pussy, that's calling someone out on their nastiness.
  15. You're making excuses for ignorant insensitive comments? THIS. FORUM.
  16. tumbleweedt must have me on ignore. trmp supporters on this site? HOW? It goes against everything our idol stands for.
  17. They also thought the MANY WOMEN ACCUSING DONALD TRUMP OF SEXUAL ASSAULT WAS WORTHY OF INVESTIGATION. lets not forget about the molestation of an underage girl. but THOSE DAMN EMAILS! lol insane!
  18. I agree! Hopefully there's not just a lot of loud talking with no action. Most importantly, I hope that the horrible plans for hispanics and muslims are NOT put into action and if they are even THOUGHT of being put into action by this horrible president of ours, we're loud enough that it's put to a stop before it even begins
  19. I just don't understand how people don't see how TERRIBLE this is for minorities. I predicted that white people will feel like they can say and do ANYTHING to minorities and get away with it because of the rhetoric trump used leading up to THIS moment! How could ANYONE be comfortable with this? Insane.
  20. Are you serious?????????????????????????? This is what we've come to with the election of this guy! Horrible.
  21. What about the good things he's done? That's not enough? The fact that he was fighting a republican controlled house? We can't EVER know how much he wanted to do because it was probably SHOT down by those against him. Sometimes i I just don't feel like there's any president that will be good enough. It really hurts me how people bash Obama when they know nothing about what he could have trying to be doing in the White House, how they think he's just sitting back doing nothing. I just don't get it
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