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  1. So people can troll and be offensive and it's ok, and if we put them in check that would be censorship?
  2. ........ there seems to be NOTHING regarding trump that is negative in your eyes. beside the fact that he had one of the lowest turn outs for an inaguration ever...he Had someone LIE on national television and tell the world that he had the biggest turn out for an inaguration ever. Also, the TV viewings for him were about close to 8 million less than obamas in 2009. His numbers for attendance were lower than both the 2009 and 2013 inaugurations of Obama. These are FACTS. you really think that people felt they were in so much "danger" that they couldn't make it to see trump
  3. http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/obama-leaves-legacy-of-extraordinary-accomplishments-858759747686
  4. You used to be so much better than this. I don't know what happened to you truly and honestly. You're one of the reasons that ultimately led me to the decision of deleting my madonnanation account. It was great while it lasted. See you guys. I'm seriously done here. Last straw
  5. Like I said, you didn't JOIN the appreciation of Hilary Clinton so block me all you want, I'll keep responding and there's nothing you can do about it you two are such HYPOCRITES. You can do what YOU want but when it comes to something you don't like, everyone has to shut up and be fine with your trolling
  6. She lacks all of that why? What has she done wrong except exist? lol you're sooooo biased and it's sickening. Michelle Obama has literally done nothing wrong in the eight years she's been by obamas side. She has no power to intervene in any circumstances regarding the presidency or the choices he makes. You sound ignorant
  7. A funny meme that portrays Michelle as an overly muscular ugly woman and melinia as her gorgeous substitute im not laughing, sorry and if you guys can derail the Hilary thread I can say what I want in your threads why would you want a plagiarist in the White House anyway?
  8. Subtly, this person is insulting my views trying to say what I think is stupid and IM stupid. When I posted that post I didn't call out anybody in particular, I appreciate all of you here honestly, but she started it
  9. You know what pud? You won ok. I lose. I'm wrong. I'm ignorant. I make no sense. My opinion is stupid. I'm hitler. You're sisn't. You got it.
  10. I still don't want to be compared to him. At all.
  11. 1) Racism = privilege + power In order to be racist, you need to possess two traits. The first is privilege: A structural, institutional, and social advantage. White people occupy positions of racial privilege, even when they are disadvantaged in other ways. White women, for example, consistently make morethan black women, because they benefit from racial attitudes. Furthermore, you also have to have power: the ability, backed up by society, to be a strong social influencer, with greater leeway when it comes to what you do, where, and how. For instance, white people benefit from priv
  12. No I'm not, don't compare me to hitler in any way shape or form
  13. So defining racism as a tool of systematic oppression is ignorant? and if that's simply racism, why do we have words such as prejudice and discrimination which basically is the same thing?
  14. I didn't mean to offend anyone, really. I'm not a white people hater, I'm not prejudice or discriminatory towards them either. I just feel like the definition of racism is watered down, it involves more than what Webster's lists it as. When you talk about racism, you have no choice but to also talk about oppression. It's not that simple
  15. My definition of racism involves and goes hand and hand with systematic oppression, which white people cannot and will never experience. Which is why I explained why I believe you cannot be racist towards a white person. If you think my opinion is ignorant, then that's your opinion.
  16. You cannot be racist against a white person, white people cannot and never will experience racism. White people ARENT SYSTEMATICALLY OPPRESSED. you can be discriminatory and or pregidous against a white person, but YOU CANNOT BE RACIST AGAINST A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN ANY WAY HELD BACK BY THE SYSTEM. Don't fucking call me stupid. You're the stupid one for not getting what I said, and if you're offended oh the fuck well!
  17. It's not excusing anyone I'm just telling the truth. I'm not referring to you, I'm referring to those white people who try to justify their racist rhetoric with crimes like these
  18. It really seems like white people wait for something like this to happen so they can use it to bash the left, and cry "HYPOCRISY!" And it's awfully sad. This behavior is inexcusable, but there are HUNDREDS of hate crimes that happen against black people, like THESE http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/133031243-story every day that are swept under the rug, not covered and the people who do it get away with it. It annoys me so much that crimes like this one are used by some white people as ultimately an excuse to be racist. They can't wait to call these black people thugs and cry about ho
  19. Why does she always look like she's struggling to see somebody in the distance
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