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  1. I want her to walk on the wall on superbowl
  2. I thik Gayl is a better song while 4 Minutes was a stronger single
  3. Now where are the magazine covers ? I remember the first photo from HC era was the dazed confused one
  4. Giovanni Bianco Loves Pink and Blue lol BTW i just realized she is showing her left side of the face in all the covers
  5. totally! finally some good promo !!
  6. it also looks like the middle of the DNA
  7. OMG that must be the Album cover !!
  8. We cannot forget that liz smith mentioned LAP and the men choir
  9. I think those guests doesnt take anything from her , its going to be during her song The minaj song rumor is totally fake , they will never let a song called stupid hoe air
  10. WTF Minaj , MIA , LMFAO and Perry Hope this is all false (except MIA and minaj that we know its true)
  11. Starman

    Tour 2012

    Tracey is Madonna trolling us
  12. Yeah lol its so strange ,its has to be someone close to her i really think its all leaked by her team , the purpose i don't know though
  13. Starman

    Tour 2012

    I hope this is true !!! it would be perfect for me
  14. Waiting I remember reports about power of the goodbye and angel for SS too
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