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  1. The media bias was astonishing as it was across the board. I’ve been a reader of The Age for a while so it’s been disappointing seeing it slowly turn into Herald Sun lite. They even had the nerve to claim at the start of the election they would avoid the typical negative campaigning and would report only on the issues that truly mattered to people. 

    Anyhow I’m definitely happy with the result but it was concerning some of the members who were elected in some safe liberal seats. But it is laughable that they think they lost because they aren’t far right enough. Like that’s what left/centrist people were elected. So bizarre but it will hopefully mean the libs continue to be irrelevant in Victoria. 

  2. 37 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    That woman represented an empire based on racism and abuse in lands abroad. All her jewels in that portrait were stolen in occupied lands. All countries in Western Europe have a colonial past that is incredibly shameful and this woman was Queen while that colonialism still existed. You really are either obtuse or maybe a bit Make Great Britain Great Again. Anyway, keep the warmth inside that those fake numbers give you.

    To place blame for hundreds of years of British history on the Queen is an incredibly simplistic argument to make. 

  3. While the idea of a royal family is outdated in 2022, I can’t help but like it myself. The pomp and ceremony is entertaining. The sense of history and tradition is interesting.

    I don’t know why it’s so controversial to like or admire the queen. She gave 70 years of service to public life. I don’t worship her but I deeply respect her and I was sad when she died. It will be no different to when Madonna dies.


  4. On 9/15/2022 at 4:16 AM, runa said:

    There's a big difference in "people know her" / "her image wasn't bad" and hugely popular.

    If she was that popular, countries from the Commonwealth would not ask to leave that monarchy. Barbados, Canada, Australia, Scotland... name it. They all want to leave. 
    Not what I would call hugely popular.

    THAT is common sense. 

    As an Australian I can confirm the Queen was hugely popular in Australia. Even amongst republicans she was well liked and respected.

  5. The US is honestly on another planet. The whole country is unhinged. Between this and QAnon, conspiracies, election fraud claims, Fox News, the whole country is fucked. I feel like they’ve gone up over the edge and there is no saving it. Imagine it being 2022 and legislation regarding interracial marriage or access to birth control is even up for discussion. What the fuck. 

  6. Roe v Wade US abortion law to be overturned, leaked court decision suggests


    Washington: A leaked initial draft majority opinion suggests the US Supreme Court has voted to overturn the Roe v Wade decision that legalised abortion nationwide, Politico reported.

    Reuters could not immediately confirm the draft independently.

    “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the draft opinion, according to Politico on Monday Washington-time.

    A leak from the Supreme Court is unprecedented. APnone

    Four of the other Republican-appointed justices – Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett - voted with Alito in the conference held among the justices, the report added.

    “It is possible there have been some changes since then (Feb 10),“ Politico reporter Josh Gerstein, who broke the story, said on MSNBC late on Monday Washington time.

    Associate Justice Samuel Alito last year.APnone

    The draft report leaked to Politico does not say that abortion should be banned nationwide, but instead argues that the Constitution does not prohibit states from regulating or prohibiting abortion.

    Overturning Roe v Wade would empower several Southern and Midwestern states to impose strict abortion bans - although it would not block states from choosing to allow the procedure.

    After an initial vote among the justices following the oral argument, one is assigned the majority opinion and writes a draft.

    It is then circulated among the justices. At times, in between the initial vote and the ruling being released, the vote alignment can change.

    A ruling is only final when it is published by the court.

    In a post on Twitter, Neal Katyal, a lawyer who regularly argues before the court, said if the report was accurate it would be “the first major leak from the Supreme Court ever”.

    Politico said only that it received “a copy of the draft opinion from a person familiar with the court’s proceedings in the Mississippi case along with other details supporting the authenticity of the document.”

    The landmark Roe v Wade decision almost 50 years ago gave women in the US the right to seek an abortion but it has been disputed and contested many times over the years.

    Related Article

    In that time abortion has emerged a central issue in American politics, dividing progressives - which typically supports a woman’s right to choose - from conservatives, which equate the procedure to a crime. Importantly, it has also served as a galvanising issue for religious voters courted by Republicans.

    In 1973, the Supreme Court handed down the landmark decision that Texas did not have a constitutional right to restrict Norma McCorvey - assigned the court pseudonym Jane Roe- from having an abortion, although the procedure was illegal in the state at the time unless the mother’s life was in danger.

    Republican governors in several states have sought to reintroduce abortion bans and restrictions - notably Texas, which has sought to ban terminations as soon as foetal activity can be detected. Like many states, it has passed a “trigger law” enforcing its abortion bans if Roe v Wade is officially overturned by the Supreme Court.

    Related Article

    If the court does overturn Roe, twenty-six states would ban or severely restrict abortion.

    A group of Republican senators have been lobbying to introduce a nationwide ban, according to The Washington Post, which reported that the antiabortion group Susan B Anthony List had approached 10 possible presidential candidates including Donald Trump to discuss the possibility.

    However, a nationwide abortion ban would be difficult to pass, as it would require 60 votes in the Senate, and would be opposed by almost all Democrats and some pro-choice Republicans.

    President Joe Biden, while a Catholic, is pro-choice and would likely oppose signing such a bill into law.

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, said on Twitter that New York will “always guarantee” the right to abortion.

    “This is an absolutely disgraceful attack on our fundamental right to choose, and we will fight it with everything we’ve got,” Hochul said on Twitter in a reaction to Politico’s report.

    Reuters, AP, staff writers

  7. It seems to me now that the established car manufacturers are on board with electric to the point they have committed to phasing out petrol/gas, Tesla will not be able to compete. There has been no innovation in the whole time so Tesla’s seem so dated compared to electric models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar etc. Musk really has become a caricature of the evil billionaire.  

  8. On 2/7/2022 at 3:04 AM, promise to try said:

    I guess Charles´will be a king after all? that´s more surprising that camille being the queen...At least this way william wont have to eat uncle andrew´s scandal

    I don’t think it’s surprising at all. He is the next in line so I don’t think there was any question he’d be king. I don’t see what reason he would have to abdicate.

    Also the monarch can choose a regnal name for their reign. For example Queen Elizabeth’s father was Albert but took the regnal name King Edward VII. I’ve read that it’s speculated Charles might take a regnal name as the first two Charles’ aren’t considered to be good kings. I’m not sure if Camilla can also choose a regnal name though?

    Also does it really matter if she becomes Queen? Really the only people I could imagine caring are the Diana stans? 

  9. 22 minutes ago, SheldonCooper said:

    I meant it wasn’t reported in the US prior to the election i didn’t see it any news. It wasn’t talked about in my perspective it was intentional.  I don’t mind as it made the Orange julep not get re-elected!😂

    Yeah that's fair. And no doubt the election dominated the news. But if Trump supporters want to claim that it magically appeared after the election then that's incorrect as the rest of the world was well aware of it. 

  10. On 11/11/2020 at 1:19 PM, SheldonCooper said:

    With a Vaccine on it’s way Trump was right it was a couple of weeks away and that fact it came out days after the election to me is pretty fishy. All i’m saying i’m obviously not a Trump supporter but i don’t like this shady stuff i swear i don’t believe anything anymore. Or am i reading too much into this? LOL. 

    The vaccine was ready before the election. Australia announced a deal a couple of days before (Australian time) before the US election. To say it was announced after is inaccurate. 



  11. Trump. And even if he doesn’t win legitimately he will take it to the Supreme Court and they will vote in his favour. And if for some way he doesn’t win and Biden is President Elect he will push a conspiracy theory that he was robbed and will encourage his support to revolt. Just look what happened in Michigan with Whitmer. Just imagine that but across the whole country. More violence and polarisation across the country. The US is cooked no matter who wins the election. Both New Zealand and Australia have issued travel warnings for the US. 

  12. 8 hours ago, runa said:


    I'm not the biggest Romney fan but he has a point. This type of politic is horrible to watch. 

    It’s a shame he has contributed to it. Where is his integrity. Where is his concern when it benefits him. His backflip on nominating a judge for SCOTUS is a perfect example of his hypocrisy. 

    He is right though. The world is watching in horror at what a joke the US has become. 

  13. Tucker Carlson is the fucking Joseph Goebbels of the Trump dictatorship. Literally that's what the US has become.


    Facebook and Instagram Flag Tucker Carlson Virus Posts

    The show posted a video on the social media platforms on Tuesday night with the caption “Chinese whistle-blower to Tucker: This virus was made in a lab & I can prove it.”

    Earlier this week, a report about the virus, co-written by Dr. Yan, was published by two nonprofit organizations, the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation. According to The Daily Beast, both are linked to Steve Bannon, the former adviser to President Trump who was recently charged with fraud.

    Ministry of Propaganda. Trump will win 2020 and if he doesn't he will create a civil war. Either way the US is fucked.

  14. 5 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    ^ trans women are real women and there's even a name for being born in the wrong body. Gender dysphoria. 

    Not believing it is the equivalent to not believing that you are born gay or lesbian or bi. 

    Just the same that a gay person can't help being attracted to people of their same sex, trans people  can't help feeling a sex different to what their genitals say. 

    And very nice of JK to "march" with trans for being discriminated for being trans. Funny because she's never done it.

    What really irks me and the reason why I answer in this thread over and over is that no trans woman would fight for the right of being considered a menstrual mammal. And yet that's what this absurda and other people bring about biology. 


    They simply hate trans woman. Period.

    Your arguments are not comparable. I’m not saying transsexualism isn’t real and to my perspective neither is JK Rowling. I completely acknowledge that transgendered people align their gender to the opposite biological/physical sex due to reasons not completely understood by modern science. I completely agree that they should not be discriminated for that either. Stating that transgendered people are transgendered is not discriminatory though. It’s simply stating a fact? Can you elaborate on what a “real” woman is and who “they” is that hates trans women?

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