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  1. 17 minutes ago, jazzyjan said:

    We can't compare Scotland to America.  The USA has different states but they all make up the one country and call themselves American.   Scotland is their own country.  They may form the United Kingdom with England, Wales and Northern Ireland but all are seen as being distinctly different as nations. 

    I class myself as British and we are officially British citizens. Britain has been together before most of Europe even existed and the US as we know it. While each parts keeps its nations name they have been intertwined to create Britain. 

  2. They are comparable many us states have similar localised powers to Scotland, similar size economies and similar problems. They are still legally Scottish, Scottish leaders in charge of the uk= Scottish influence and power at the head of government just because they weren't nationalists doesn't mean they didn't pursue Scottish policies . The only reason they are having referendums is due to Blair's devolution. How can you say Scotland hasn't been represented in government, when they have had such an impact on uk politics for the past few decades and gained such power?

    I have seen no evidence that Scotland is the biggest export market for rUK and regardless Scottish exports to rUK are over 60%, any exports the other way around will be no where near this high. If I was to believe there would be NO QUESTION of a trade deal then you must agree the EU has to do a good deal with Brexit as the EU exports more to Britain than any other country at 16%. So how does the Scottish Economy gain here by independence ? Britain will gain good trade deals with the EU and have freedom to do elsewhere, will Sturgeon get better deals negotiating alone or as part of the UK? 

    The Scottish government already has some control over much of what's you've listed. There first budget with tax powers last year yet they didnt really use them to makes changes to tax the SNP has been talking about for years instead just freezing some thresholds. This is simply what will happen after independence where tax and regulations will mirror rUK so it seems unnecessary to have independence when they are not utilising all the power they have now.  

    The uproar from the National insurance doesn't show me any evidence that people are willing in reality  to pay more tax. Why didn't the SNP use there power to increase tax rates in thier budget?

  3. They were not pointless comparisons as it shows the federal like system the us has compared to the uk nations. Blair and Brown were both Scottish and Scottish mp so it is a valid point that Scotland has had a powerful impact on the highest office of the uk.

    Yes I agree about the potential  " dire economic"  consequences of brexit but you are ignoring the "dire consequences" to the Scottish economy of independence? Access to the European single market and the world in general is minuscule compared to the trade with rUK and so aren't the all independence supporters juvenile for ignoring these dire consequences and assuming they can get a "good deal" ? The SNP have said today they may not even join the single market and aim for an agreement like Norway, Brexit may or may not have dire consequences but you can't ignore that there are exactly the same economic risks for an independent Scotland. 

    Even if Scotland take on no share of the national debt they will still be running a high deficit and on day one as their books will not balance they  will be heading to international creditors with open hands. They will have to cut spending or raise taxes somewhere. Yes our debt is horrendous we are on borrowed time, potentially going back to the 70s crawling the the IMF for help. But look at a tiny increase in National Insurance both the SNP and labour opposed this, look at the uproar created that people would have to pay a few pence more tax on incomes over £16,000. Neither opposition have offered an alternative to this and find £2bn that was for social care. You are assuming most people are willing to pay a bit of extra tax but evidently that isn't the case. 

  4. What alternative facts,  I'm the one using actual facts and numbers  to make a point, not just an opinion that can't not be proven. I have always looked at independent analysis and surveys to ensure I am factually correct when I am discussing anything.

    Labour MPs had the whip but still rebelled? So if there was political will the brexit bill could have been defeated but mps have made up thier own minds to follow the results of the referendum. 

    Yes I understand a they voted to remain but as part of the United Kingdom they have to take the good and the bad, you can't just throw your toys from the pram when you don't get your own way? What about all he good things Scotlands gets from the UK like relative financial stability, a strong world wide influence, a vital internal economic market etc

    The only reason Scotland has all those is that it has a huge monetary  overspend which they themselves have shown, who will pay for free education and hospitals when they can only spend what they earn and borrow very little? Do the SNP even want full fiscal powers last time they wanted to be under full control of the Bank of England, so they want independence yet the protection and security of rUK?

  5. 10 hours ago, Kim said:

    I don't even know where to start with this nonsense that reads like it's from the pages of the Daily Mail or Express. Scotland is a COUNTRY that formed a (supposedly equal) union with England , not some county or principality of England like Yorkshire. It has it's own legal, education and healthcare systems. It is REPEATEDLY represented on a national level by a government it hasn't voted for and while it remains open, inclusive and left of centre, the complete opposite is happening in England where xenophobic, inward looking, right wing rhetoric flourishes. The devolved parliament in Scotland is SNP run, out of the 59 MPs at Westminster, 56 of them are SNP. The clue is in the name; Scottish NATIONAL party. Independence for Scotland is their raison d'être so as long as they keep getting voted in, then the question of independence will never go away.

    And you obviously don't realise that the Tories have an overall majority at Westminater, which means they have more MPs than all the other parties combined. So no, teaming up with Labour makes no difference on anything, and seeing as the Labour party are seen as nothing but a joke in Scotland (and everywhere else in the UK) these days, it would be unwise anyway. They are no longer a party of the left. You might want to watch PMQs some time and see that the only effective opposition to May comes from the SNP benches in fact. The point has been made in the media over and over that Angus Robertson keeps asking the questions that Corbyn doesn't.

    And the reason for this referendum has nothing to do with not liking who's in power in Westminster,. It was part of the SNP mandate that only if there was a material change in circumstances or in public opinion would another referendum be mooted so soon, and that has undoubtedly happened. Scotland voted overwhelminglty to stay within the EU and the threat of being taken out of the EU was one of the mainstays of the previous Scottish referendum "No" campaign. Broken promises all round.

    To think that England would not trade with Scotland is ridiculous. Although maybe we should think about sending our oil, gas and water somewhere else to be honest. And there's no point in crushing non-existent numbers at this point either, especially ones based upon the economic policies of the current UK government. This latest news btw, is a notification of intent. To be asking for full economic and fiscal breakdowns right now is stupid. One could also say it's a way of getting May to take a little more notice than she was previously of the asks being made by Sturgeon for the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The alternative, as she said in her speech, would be to stand back and do nothing (like everyone else with a real voice seems to be doing)


    The point still remains that every country has the government that some parts of the population don't like and feel unreprensted but thats a democracy. California has power like a devolved Scotland so should they break away from the US just because they don't like this president or how they state votes isn't always the same as the winning president? It's only been since 2010 the SNP have had a majority so they always sent Labour or Tory MPs and for the last 100 years we have had Labour or Conservative governments. People are voting for the SNP not just for independedence a poll in a few years ago showed 28% of their voters do not want full independence, the SNP have simply mirrored the decline of Scottish Labour for the left wing vote. 

    Of course the Consevarives have a majority but it is rare that every mp votes so their actual majority is dependent on everyone voting in the commons which does not often happen for many reasons. There were many Tory MPs who voted remain and it would not be difficult if Labour were strong they, the snp and a few rebels could influence brexit. Indeed Just because Labour is at the moment in-effective should not be used as an excuse for another independent votes, governments and oppositions are in constant flux that just how it works. The figures I quoted are from the Scottish government so they are not 'non existent' just look for yourself. They have had 3 years to come up with a real answer to all the unanswered questions over independence and we are still waiting. I don't expect a 100% detail but they haven't answered any of the major concerns.

  6. 22 hours ago, Kim said:

    Actually the Spanish thinking on that has changed since the EU referendum. It's now recognised as completely different from the Catalonia situation as we're dealing with a UK that will no longer be part of the EU. Spain is not planning on leaving the EU anytime soon.

    It's that weird Brexiteer rhetoric of yours that I don't understand: "ruled over by Brussels" They do not set your economic policy, fiscal policy, social and welfare and health and education policy. That's the government of the day. In this case a right wing, insular Tory govt that Scotland has not and never will vote for.

    And you seriously think that rUK who are this very minute scurrying around trying to pre-negotiate trade deals with any and every shithole country that it can is NOT going to do a trade deal with it's nearest neighbours; an independent Scotland? Nonsense. A Scotland btw, which will become even more attractive for those businesses who want to remain in the single market while the rest of the UK sinks into a low wage, tax haven, shithole laughing stock.

    I voted remain for your information. Yorkshire has a similar population to Scotland shall we just have every county breakaway as it's not fully in charge/represented in the national parliament? The union is over 400 years old, there have been government's of all types yet just because they disagree with his government they think independence is the best option? We just has 13 years of Scottish Prime Ministers should I have kicked off and demanded English independence? Scotland has a strong voice in the commons if it joins with Labour is could easily affect ecominc policy etc but instead it just complains rather than using the power it could use in parliament. How would Scotland be an attraction for businesss, if the referendum campaign burns bridges, English trade with Scotland is so small there is no guarantee a deal could be made, the right wing conservatives may wish there not be a deal and while they are in government it is a possibility. Scotland have given no guidience on what currency they would use or any detailed economic plan. Scotland's yearly deficit is 9.5%, which is higher than Greece, with independent they would have to slash spending or have huge tax rises so I hardly see why they will gain from still having access to the single market when they companies can instead hop over to Ireland and only pay 14% instead of being heavily  taxed in Scotland. 


  7. 2 hours ago, elijah said:

    This woman is great and it seems the only sane politician in the UK. And really, its great timing to push for the referendum: if there is no deal, Scotland would become independent and would join EU I think in a year or even less (their law is in line with the EU).

    It's not even clear Scotland could become part of the EU as Spain officials  have repeatidly threatened to veto any prospect due to Catalonian risks. I respect her electoral succurss but she wants to have "her cake and eat it", the SNP have offered no vision independent Scotland that isn't built on debt or imaginary money. They complain about being run by London yet they are the 3rd largest party in the parliament. Why does she prefer to be ruled over by Brussels where Scottish meps have no influence compared to our U.K. parliament? This whole new independence debate is now centred on maintaining access to the single market but this only makes up a maximum of 16% of Scottish trade where to the rest of the UK it's 63%? How is she doing the best for Scotland when it's access to the English market that is vital for Scotland, without access to this market the Scottish economy would be left in ruins ?

  8. My figures are from a database which I believe came from the national office for statistics originally. Alcohol related hospital admissions have risen 115% over 10 years, while 48% of a&e admissions are discharged with no treatment or advise only. While some of this figure includes people who should have rightly gone have gone to a&e if they had symptons suggesting something potentially harmful; it still shows millions of people are going the hospitals unnecessarily which is causing a lot of the problems that have been seen in recent years. This is where a lot of the extra funding has dissapeared to, it's not a simple case of right/left wing governments as there are problems whoever is in charge. The workers undoubtly do their best and should be praised but it stills all comes down to cost, the NHS was conceived in a time of great need when life expectancy was around 65, more money and invested  is required somehow for the uk  but no one can agree who should pay or what excatky is needed. 

  9. On the contary the NHS wouldn't exist if it wasn't for foreign workers, they are the backbone of the service and have been for decades so you can forget about labelling me as 'vile'. So where is all this extra money comping from, taxing the rich that will then move abroad, a new poll tax so we all pay more and everyone kicks off ? Out of the entire health budget £8.7bn is going to private institutions, and there has been private involded thoughout Labour governments to. The government can only do so much but if people won't pay more taxes or use the service better it can't survive. There is no easy options/answers but no one has yet come up with a solotuion that ensure the NHS is in a position of strength now and in the future.

  10. Come on the NHS/health budget has increased from £50bn 15 years ago to £140bn now, 175% increase ( since 2010 spending has increased by £25bn so the government is investing in the area) If more money is spent the country will just enter semi bankruptcy as we run out time on our debt and where will the NHS be then? It will no longer be free everyone will have to pay for everything on a day to day basis and the standards will collapse. People are using the NHS when they shouldn't or don't need to, e.g. alcohol related injuries in a&e, getting free prescriptions when they don't need them. People need to take more responsibility for themselves and help care for elderly relatives so not to increase the strain on the NHS. There is no more money and even with the increased spending being introduced if it's not used responsibly the health service will continue to struggle along till large change is enforced to make it more efficient.

  11. I had expected Boris would be given that job, I can see why May did this. She had to have a leading brexiter in a high role, and someone who is known world wide. While I don't personally love Boris, he is known across the world as this relaxed, slightly 'eccentric ' character but well liked. So when we are sending him to talk with India/China etc for post eu trade deals he will be warmly received and would help Britain secure better/more trade deals.

  12. I don't know her and I'm not reading press these days. Is she okay, is she any good? What's her position on this mess?

    She has the longest serving home secatary for 100 years, a position that usually is the death of most mp's careers and usually ends in scandal. So it shows May is a efficient and hardworking person who seeks stability and discipline in government. :)

  13. I only know the basics of US politics as from the uk but I do love Hillary I just feels she deserves it and she has the best knowledge/experience of anyone. I don't really want to get into a deep discussion/argument if people don't like her as I don't know enough to argue. But from the u.s perspective why has she gone from being seen as automatically getting the nomination to now having a real challenger ? Is she seen as too establishment ? Don't like her as a women? The email/Libya negatives ? Not relating to normal Americans ? everything from the uk I've read so far about both rep/dem has been so negative about everything, the candidates, congress etc

  14. Why is everyone always saying this? We're not talking about Taylor Swift or celine dion, we're talking about Madonna who is never afraid of controversy, in fact, I believe that even non-fans miss that Madonna the most. She's gotten so safe, and predictable lately. Who really cares about radio friendly songs these days? MIA had no problem getting her controversial song out there a few years ago. Especially nowadays with the internet, does it really matter if a song is "radio friendly" or not? That said I am more than certain that if she'll make a good video for it (and if the live performance is amazing, perhaps they could use that?) and release it as a single it'll most definitely be played on a lot of radio channels. But even if it doesn't, it would be a shame if it wouldn't get a little push - its not the most downloaded non-single in almost every country from MDNA for nothing..

    The point of a single is ultimately to get people to buy an album, maybe Gang as a 5th single just so every single offered has offered a different sound, but with two poorly performing singles, inevitably to help MDNA a single that radios will play and the average song buyer will like is what is needed. Ok yes a controversial song/video may be what people want, but Gang Bang is hardly an amazing song that will turn around this albums performance.

  15. 1) I'm a sinner, doesn't seem to appear on people's list above me but I just love it, so classic and a beautiful stranger vibe))

    2) Superstar, not sure why, maybe its been the hot weather, its such a happy summer sounding sing.

    3) Harder! b day song or turn up the radio or gang bang or girl gone wild or beautiful killer:)

  16. link

    Earlier today Digital Spy was invited to Abbey Road Studios to listen to Madonna's 12th studio album MDNA.

    There were crab salads, multicoloured cocktails and, as if that wasn't enough, a chunky notepad with the album cover on the front waiting for us on our chair. We presume it was there for us to scribble our notes on, but we didn't feel comfortable putting our ugly scrawlings over something so clearly amazing.

    We've posted our thoughts on each of the LP's 17 tracks below:

    1. 'Girl Gone Wild' (produced by Madonna, Benny Benassi)

    Most of you will have heard this one by now, and truth be told we're still not sure about it. Our guess was that it was chosen for its appeal to a wide audience and radio stations, but as a Madonna album trailer it's surprisingly weak. That said, it makes for a brilliant opening track.

    2. 'Gang Bang' (produced by Madonna, The Demolition Crew)

    Ignore the title - this isn't about a 53-year-old woman singing about having lots of group sex. "Bang bang shot you dead/ Shot my lover in the head," she chants over a relentless, pulsating electro beat before announcing: "I'm going straight to hell - I've got a lot of friends there." Just when you think things are wrapping up, she interrupts, "If you're gonna act like a bitch, you're gonna die like a bitch!" before firing off a gun. It's completely ridiculous and amazing.

    3. 'I'm Addicted' (produced by Madonna, Benny Benassi, The Demolition Crew)

    We noted that this would have probably been a better single choice than 'Girl Gone Wild'. "I'm addicted to your love" she admits on the chorus that is a mixture of hard house beats with a club classics melody. It all climaxes in the song's finale, in which she chants "M D N A" over and over.

    4. 'Turn Up The Radio' (produced by Madonna and Martin Solveig)

    After three hard-faced club bangers, Madge offers up the softer but equally dancey 'Turn Up The Radio'. "When the world starts to get you down and nothing seems to go your way... turn up the radio," she professes over a propelling beat that Daft Punk wouldn't cock a snook at. It might be weak lyrically, but the message is genuinely uplifting.

    5. 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' (produced by Madonna, Martin Solveig)

    Madonna's "Superbowl Single" doesn't seem to have lived up to a lot of people's expectations, but we'll happily admit that we're still enjoying it. It also serves as a welcome break from what is so far a high-wired run of songs.

    6. 'Some Girls' (produced by Madonna, William Orbit)

    "Some girls wanna be on top...some girls got a filthy mouth," she sing-speaks with a distorted vocal over a squelchy bassline. It's a confident number about female empowerment in 2012, and probably highlights best how MDNA isn't simply about hopping on the dance bandwagon, but pushing it into new and exciting realms.

    7. 'Superstar' (produced by Madonna, Indiigo, Michael Malih)

    This is where the record makes a distinct shift lyrically between basic one line choruses to surprisingly intimate details of her life. Here she compares her man to the likes of James Dean, Caesar and Al Capone, promising to "give you a massage when you get home". It's less in-yer-face than most of the LP, and where she sounds at her most relaxed.

    8. 'I Don't Give A' (produced by Madonna, Martin Solveig)

    Madonna opens up about life as a 53-year-old divorced mum in a sing-rap fashion - "got to call the babysitter...got to sign the contract" - but insists that she "don't even feel the pressure". The best bit comes at the end when Nicki Minaj announces: "There's only one Queen and that's Madonna, bitch," before a regal orchestra ensues that sounds like it was lifted straight out of a blockbuster movie.

    9. 'I'm A Sinner' (produced by Madonna, William Orbit)

    It took us all of 30 seconds to realise that this sounds like a sequel to Ray Of Light's 'Beautiful Stranger' which, given the producer, we're sure isn't a coincidence. "I'm a sinner and I like it that way," she sings on the psychedelic chorus, before preaching "Jesus Christ hang on the cross, died for our sins it's such a loss" on the middle eight.

    10. 'Love Spent' (produced by Madonna, William Orbit)

    We'll be honest, we weren't particularly taken with this one. There's a banjo on the intro that re-appears later on, but it's worth sticking with for a glorious ending of crashing symbols and booming electronics.

    11. 'Masterpiece' (produced by Madonna, William Orbit)

    It's the first ballad on the album, and it feels like it arrives just at the right moment. The production is more "organic" (there's drums, guitars and Orbit's trademark wobbly bits),and it doesn't try to be anything other than a solid pop song. "I can't tell you why it hurts so much to be in love with a masterpiece," she sings on the chorus.

    12. 'Falling Free' (produced by Madonna, William Orbit)

    This one is even more stripped back, relying solely on strings, piano and some synths littered throughout. "Our hearts are intertwined and I'm free, I'm free of mind," she sings with what is easily her strongest vocal on the record.

    13. 'Beautiful Killer' (produced by Madonna, Martin Solveig)

    We're surprised this was demoted to deluxe-only, as it is easily one of our favourites. A thumping pop hook and glitchy beats play out as she confesses her penchant for bad boys. "You're a beautiful killer with a beautiful face," she admits before rolling out the best line of the song (and possibly the album): "Baby, I can't talk with a gun in my mouth."

    14. 'I F**ked Up' (produced by Madonna, Martin Solveig)

    A thumping midtempo number in which Madonna confesses that sometimes (though probably not that often), she isn't perfect. "I made a mistake/ Nobody does it better than myself," she admits before the pace picks up dramatically in the middle and tails off at the end.

    15. 'B-Day Song' (produced by Madonna, Martin Solveig)

    It's essentially the complete opposite of what you'd expect from a Madonna and MIA collaboration. It's unashamedly fun, has no political agenda (that we can tell anyway) and, in truth, is a bit pointless.

    16. 'Best Friend' (Madonna, The Demolition Crew)

    The album closes with a dubsteppy ballad in which Madge talks about missing her closest pal. "I won't pretend, I feel like I lost my very best friend," she says, before singing "It wasn't always perfect, but it wasn't always bad" in isolation at the end.

    17.'Give Me All Your Luvin'' (Party Rock Remix)

    They didn't play this at the showcase, so we can only assume their feelings about it are the same as ours.

    MDNA is by no means a perfect Madonna album, but it certainly has the potential after repeated listens to be up somewhere in the top six. There are some glorious highs and, unfortunately, one or two misfires, but it wouldn't be a Madonna album if she wasn't taking risks. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this record is that there are no obvious hits on it, but as a body of work it makes for a thrilling and genuinely fascinating listen.

  17. What an UTTERLY DEPRESSING thread - it's as though you're willing her to die so that you can find out. I suggest you shift your attention to getting a life rather than wondering about someone who's done something with theirs, dying.


    Think you are taking it a bit seriously! Just stared a thread and now you condemn my whole life?!

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